This Christmas...

This story is for the Movellas Christmas Competition, the themes included are; finding Christmas Joy/Spirit, and Classic Characters. ENJOY!!

Vera O'Brien hated the holidays. For a good reason, her family was killed in a tragic car accident on Christmas Eve, and ever since she despised the holiday tradition of gift giving and caroling. Having lived in an orphanage for most of her life-she's ready to go out in the world and start anew. This Christmas will be different. She will learn to love again the spirit of the holidays


1. Starting Over

Vera O'Brien sat on the bed she had occupied for the past eleven years. She was never adopted after her family's death, probably because no one wanted damaged goods. Vera had been a mess, she had cried at the slightest mention of either of their names-no one could touch her-she couldn't be consoled or made to forget. Although she had only been seven at the time of the accident, she blamed herself-if she hadn't gone to a friends house, they would still be alive. Vera had forgiven herself for the most part. As she watched the snow fall and hit the window sill she remembered the countless nights she had spent praying to a star, and a non existent entity for eleven years. Asking for forgiveness and praying that her family was safe wherever they were.


"Vera, are you ready to go dear? The apartment is all set up, and the college is expecting you." Vera looked up and saw her house mother. The only mother she had ever known for the past decade. 


"Yea, I'm ready Amy." Vera grabbed her suitcase and what little belongings she had and followed Amy down the stairs, for the last time. After today she wouldn't be allowed to cross the doors. State law, once your eighteen, you can't return to only place you called home. It was a stupid law, and all the other children knew it, and it was also illegal for house mother's or fathers to adopt the children in the house. Another stupid law, Amy had told her if she could, she would adopt her in a heartbeat. Amy waved goodbye from the porch as Vera drove away in the old car that David, Amy's husband had fixed up for her as a going away present. The drive to Evernight University was long, tedious, and cold. The heater gave out half way down the road. Vera pulled into the parking lot at the college and went into admissions to see where her dorm was. 


"You must be Vera O'Brien. We've been expecting you." The lady behind the desk said, handing her the paperwork. "Good luck this semester." 


"Thanks, you too." Vera walked back out and went to find her dorm. Amy had said it was apartment she would get to herself, giving the situation that she had  never had a space to call her own. Vera found her building, Callisto. "This Christmas will be different. I will learn to love this holiday like everyone else."  Vera noticed an elevator and sighed in relief. She picked up her bags and headed to the lift. When she reached her floor and found her door she gratefully walked inside, and was dumbfounded by the elegant decoration of the apartment. It looked too nice to touch, much less live in. When she regained her composure she made her way towards the first door, it was the bathroom, and then she found her bedroom. This Christmas is going to rock. She told herself as she began emptying her bags. Vera finished twenty minutes later, and decided to use the state check she had received after her eighteenth birthday to go and buy groceries. She would be getting her inheritance slowly, in month by month checks, until the full eight hundred- thousand dollars was in her bank account and ready for a down payment on an apartment off campus.


Vera, had no trouble finding the grocery store and she was ready to meet people. She only bought the essentials, and things she had never had the chance at trying. She splurged on iced coffee mocha's and expensive pastries. When we returned to her dorm she was exhausted and ready for bed, tomorrow was her first day of classes, when she was accepted into Evernight she had been confused about when terms and semesters started. Unlike other colleges and universities, Evernight started in December and May, but she decided she liked it, Tomorrow was December first and she was determined to start fresh, start over, she wouldn't be the sad pathetic orphan from a small town who blamed herself for her family's death, she would be the confident scholar, with a kick ass attitude and positive outlook on life, and enjoyed the holidays. It would be hard to bury her past-but when Vera was determined to do something, she did it.


Vera stayed in that night, deciding it was too cold to explore the campus further. She had accompanied Amy here one Saturday and took an extensive tour of the campus. Vera made herself supper, and texted Amy so she knew she was safe.


Made it okay, I miss you all terribly. Car works fine-besides the heater but that's easily fixed. Hope to see you sometime. I know I can't come back to the house. <3 Vera


Vera crawled into her new bed and fell asleep. 

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