I Don't Like You (Harry Styles Fanfic)

"Get a clue you douche, i'm not into you! Leave me alone!" I snapped cruelly.
He shook his head in frustration. "I don't get why you don't like me..."
I sighed angrily. "I dont even know you!"
"How could you not know me?"
"Am I supposed to know you?"
"Yes! I'm Harry Styles! I'm famous!" he yelled, moving closer to my face.
"Well guess what pretty boy, I don't give a shit," I spat, turning my back to him and walking away.
"What the hell, come back! We need to settle this!" he called after me.
"Dude, leave me alone!"
"Why aren't you like the other girls? Just give in and say that you like me!"
I stopped walking and turned to face him.
"You're pathetic Harry Styles, and I pity the girls that apparently die over the thought of you. Reality check, you're the ugliest man in the world for being this conceited, and I'd be suprised if any girl was stupid enough to date you."
I smiled as I walked away with his mouth hanging wide open.
Douche bag...


1. Chapter 1

I always start off my day with a nice on-the-go mug of hot chocolate or coffee from a little cafe just around the corner of my apartment. I'm always by myself in the morning as well. 

I live by myself. I've been living by myself for 3 years now. Once I was out of college, I ran straight back to my foster care home, packed up the rest of my things, and got my booty out of there. Now I work as a dentist. Not so exciting if you think about, but it helps to roll in the cash when needed.

Every morning is the same. I wake up, get dressed, walk to my teeny cafe, take the subway for approximately 20 minutes, and walk 4 blocks to get to my job. No biggy. And nothing new. Until today.


As I woke up I stretched my legs, and yawned while stumbling out of bed. 6:29. A minute before my stinkin alarm. I hate my alarm. I mean, what a great way to awake someone who is obviously not up for moving at all that day. Just splendid. 

I walked over to my bathroom, flicked on the lights, and no surprise. I looked like a bird had a seizure and died in my nest of hair. " Goodness..." I murmured while observing myself in the mirror. I swiftly jumped into the shower, washed my hair and body, and jumped out, escaping to my room. 

I threw on my clothes, put on mascara, red lipstick, and perfume, and grab my cellphone. Not that anyone calls me... besides my job.

Oh yeah, I forgot... I don't have any friends. Seriously.

Does saying hello to your coworkers count? I can only wonder.

By the time I got my shoes and jacket on, my shoulder length curly hair had already dried up. What an advantage . 

As I walked out of my apartment, locking it, I headed down the stairs and began my everyday journey of walking. Approaching the cafe, I noticed a guy standing next to the door, eying me... the hell?

Curly locks. Black leather jacket. Plain white t-shirt. Blue jeans. And that typical bad ass smirk. Your common bad boy. Though maybe I shouldn't be so stereotypical.

Ignoring his glare that literally seemed to want to eat my soul, I walked into the cafe and quietly asked for my regular. The people around here expect me not to talk. Because I don't. I never have. Probably never will if I keep up with this routine everyday. 

Once I got my drink, I scurried out of the cafe and took a sip of its warmth. I love hot cocoa. Especially on breezy fall days like this. Little did I know that leather jacket was still there, watching me, until I felt a slight tap on my shoulder.

I slowly turned around and eyed his grimacing face.

But he didn't say anything. I guess I will.

"D-do you need something?" 

His smirk grew larger and I watched as he took his hands out of his pockets.

"Do I need something? Haha! You're funny!"

British accent. Great.

"I'm pretty sure you do though... how about an autograph! I don't think I'd mind taking some time out of my busy day. Do you want a picture with that too love?"

What the heck is he talking about? Who is this guy? He's taking precious time out of MY day... I don't have time for this.

Quickly, I walked past him and started heading towards the subway. I heard him chuckle. "Is this some kind of joke? I'm actually willing to give you my autograph don't worry." 

When I started to walk faster, I heard his footsteps trail behind mine... 

Here we go...




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