A new host?

When Akane is out searching for her sister what will she find in abandoned music room #3


1. chapter 1: a new host?

Akane's p.o.v

So there i was about to open the music room #3. I heard it's where the host club was at slowly I opened the door. When it was opened a flash of light and rose petals appeared is this really where my sister is... I thought to my self "welcome." They all greeted me their voices so soft and delicate like a rose in the spring. And that's when I saw haruhi... She was dressed up like a boy but somehow I knew it was her I could tell. But it's hard to believe because she has had long hair for all of her life. My name is... Akane Fujioka. I am 1 year older than haruhi our parents could only afford for 1 child at the time and sent me away to live with our aunt and uncle Haruhi doesn't think of me as a cousin since she knows I'm her sister. "H-haruhi..." I said quietly "Akane!" Haruhi replied as she came over to hug me "how have you been and what are you doing here..." "I've been fine aunt died in a car crash but you probably heard and I've transferred here I heard you were in the music room so I came to greet you... What happened to you're hair?" "Some kid got gum stuck in it an you know how hard it is to get gum out so I cut it all off."~tamaki's thoughts~ haruhi has a sister how can this be she would have told us by now. "Well Akane let me introduce you to the host club here is tamaki senpai." "Nice to meet you young mad-" tamaki bent over to kiss her hand but in time Akane slapped him. "Hmm I don't play these games tamaki." "Akane here is honey senpai." "Nice to meet you Akana-chan." "YOURE SO CUTE HONEY SENPAI." Akane hugged honey. Honey blushes. "Thank you Akana-chan." "Here Is Mori senpai he is the cousin of honey senpai." Akane shakes Mori senpai a hand because she Senses he doesn't talk much. " here are the hitachiin twins." "Huh." Akane glares at Hikaru and Hikaru glares back. Akane blushes "and here is kyoya." "It's nice to meet such a beautiful young lady like you." "Thanks." "And that's everyone." "I missed you haruhi." Akane hugs haruhi and haruhi hugs back "I missed you too big sis." ~a couple hours later.~ "well I must be going..." "Do you have to go so soon Akane?" Haruhi replied "yeah I have to go If I wanna catch the bus in time." I replied ~haruhi thinks~ haruhi grabs Akane arm "how about you join the host club!" "M-me?" "Yeah it would be fun, and you have short enough hair." Haruhi replied "uh I guess if it's ok with kyoya..." Kyoya replies "well if I add her uniform money to you're dept haruhi then she can join." "Ok ok fine." "YAY!" Haruhi and Akane hug. ((End of chapter one))

(A/n so to twist it up a bit I made her haruhi's sister :3)

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