Lifes not normal.

This story is about how Lou-Anna's mom- gets a job for the stylist of 1d.


1. 1

Anna's pov.

Today's just a normal day right? Nothing special about prom. Just kidding! I'm speechless! If you knew me you would be wondering 'how is a grade 11 going to prom wit grade 12 Shane gespy? Captain of the football team. We'll it all happened like this

3 weeks ago

I was walking to art with four binders, three not books, netbook, and text book, now your probably think, how the hell am I carry all this shit? We'll maybe because my dad and I used to train together because he was a boxer. He was the best. One day I came home and he was packing and just left us like that. I still don't know why. Even three years after. I was so deep into thought when I bumped wads with someone.

Wait, who am I to say someone? More like

God of sexy ness. Shane gespy. 12 grade and captain of the football team. His blue eyes and blonde hair. I was

Dying just staining. "I'm so sorry," he stopped once our Eyes met. "Anna? Anna Kraus?" I nod. He helps me with my books and writes something in my note book. I stared at him helping with my books when the late bell rang.

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