1. Alena

Hi, I'm Alena. I'm Harry styles daughter. I have brown hair and green eyes just like my daddy. I have my daddy's accent and I look just like him. I'm 18 years old and my daddy's four best mates are known as my uncles. Except for Niall. I don't think of him like that. I dress like an emo hipster but I listen to pop. I don't go on your with my dad. Simply because no one knows about me. Daddy says it's to risky and Simon says it'll ruin his career if he lets the public know about me. I hate it her in this lonely house with no one here. Sometimes I like being here alone, but sometimes I need a friend and no ones there to be that friend. Dad rarely calls and the boys never call. They completely forget I exist. I feel like I'm unwanted and unloved but no on bothers to tell me I am loved and I am wanted. Mom is the only one who talks to me. She's the only one there for me. She is the only one that cares. Don't get me wrong, I love my daddy. I just wish he loved me too. They're supposed to be coming home tonight and I'm hoping and praying they notice me and they miss me. I miss them a lot. I have 7 friends. Brian, Kayla, Mariea, Carly, Sarah, Ben, and Kyle. We only talk at school and I get that they get busy and I know they won't always pick up the phone when I call but I just want them to pick it up some times! I'm lonely here in this giant house. I get made fun of a lot and most people either ignore me or destroy me. I cut and have had a lot of suicidal attempts but none of the boys know. Whelp, guess I better go get ready for them then. I went to my closet and picked out a pickachu jumper and go to my bathroom. I put black eye-liner on, foundation, and a lot of mascara. I look at my hair and I straightened it this morning so it's perfect. I jump on my bed at post a status to my blog.

Hey guys. So my dad and his mates are coming home from vacation and I'm scared they won't recognize me. They don't pay much attention to me and they rarely call, so what should I do? They treat me as if I don't exist and I'm scared they think that too. I guess maybe I'm being paranoid but-

'DING DONG!' I shut my laptop and ran down stairs. I opened the door and there was my dad and his mates. "Hello!" Liam said. "Hey." They all walked in and handed me their bags. "Why are you giving me these?" I asked. Zayn looked at me with a 'duh' look and responded. "Maids take our stuff to our room. Are you new here? Must be. Anyway, we have a dress code and that's not it." Zayn gestured to my outfit. Tears burned the rims of my eyes. I threw their bags in the ground and covered my mouth with my hand. I starred at the floor and I heard all the boys walk back to the living room. "Are you ok?" Niall asked. "No, I'm not ok. You guys treat me like I don't exist. Like I'm some big mistake that wasn't supposed to happen." The tears fell out of my eyes and down my face as it made it way to the floor. "We're sorry, we always treat out maids like that." Dadd- Harry said. He doesn't deserve that tittle any more. "IM NOT A FUCKING MAID!" I screamed. The guys looked at me like I was nuts. "If your not a maid, then who are you?" Harry asked. "I'm your daughter you jack ass!" I said. Harry and the guys had a look of sadness and sympathy. "Baby girl I'm so sorr-" Harry started. "NO! Don't you get it? I'm falling apart daddy! And your not there. You never are! None of you are! I'm dying inside and I have no one. None of you call. None of you text. You all hide me like I'm to disgusting to let out in public. I'm lonely and I wish I could die but nothing works because every time I try I'm scared I'll let you down!" I said as tears lured out of my eyes. I ran up the stairs and into my room. I locked the door and slid my back down it. "I just wanna be loved." I said as I bawled like a baby. I just wanna be loved.

Harry's POV

"Oh my god." I fell to floor and bawled like a baby. My baby girl. She's broken. And I'm never there to put her together. "Harry I-" "Niall, don't, ok? Please. I need you to do something." I said. "What is it?" He said. I looked up at him. "You like like Alena, right?" He looked afraid at first, but slowly nodded and stepped back like he was afraid I would hit him. Hard. "I think she likes you too. Will you, you know, go and uh.....tell her?" I asked him. He looked scared as hell and ran into the bathroom.

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