Love Again

Bella has a problem during the summer and is able to get on track again. She will find new love. But with who?


1. Broken Pieces Got Fixed

I am at a lost for words

Can't believe I let you pull me down to this place

You stole my heart and soul

Just to think I had dried those tears from your face

I've played such a foolish game

Feeling you were everything to me and more

I don't mean to point the blame

But baby you hurt me to my very core

You don't know why

You don't know how

You don't know when to love again

You let me in then shut me out

You have to learn to love again

Song- love again pentatonix

Bella's P.O.V

I kept listening to this song over and over. These lyrics related to what happened this summer. I was so sad. I managed to get out of this funk and enjoy the rest of this summer. I took a shower, got dressed, and headed out the door. I lived alone. When I walked out I was face to face with him. I hated it. Move out my way I pushed passed him and started walking. Bella how many times do I have to say I'm sorry. I turned back until you fix every single broken piece I said with tears. I walked around around the block to see if he would leave. But when i came back he was kissing he ex. I don't know what got a hold me but the next thing I knew I was running and I jumped on her back. We both got up. So you wanna fight she said. As a kid I took fighting lessons. She took the first swing and missed. Then I took a swing and hit her right in the face. I kept hitting and she kept missing. Finally I gave one last swing not to kill her but to show her not to do that again. I  started walking down the block looking at my phone. I kept walking until I bumped into someone.



Liam's P.O.V


I was taking a jog when I got distracted by something and bumped into someone. I looked down to see who I had bumped. It was a girl. I reached my hand out for and she grabbed it. I pull her up she lifted her head up. Her eyes were a deep blue color. Um do you wanna get coffee?, I asked. Sure she said. When we got there I opened the door for her. Thanks. We got on line and a girl recognized me and started screaming. She calmed down and asked fore a picture. Can you take it she asked the girl I bumped into. Yeah sure she said. 1,2,3 smile. She gave her back the girl her phone. The girl and the picture and started smiling. You should be a photographer one day she said. Hey if you don't mind me asking but what is your name?, I asked. Bella she said. Liam I reached out my hang so she could shake it. I know who you are she smiling and shook my hand. Oh you just didn't scream or fangirl like the other girls do. Oh she said.


Bella's P.O.V 


I was happy I was with Liam. He made all my troubles go away, but in a friendly way. This line was taking forever though. A girl who looked 16 asked me if I could take a picture of her and Liam. Sure i said. I gave her back her phone she looked at the photo and said that i should be a photographer. I smiled and said thanks. It was finally our turn. Hi what would you like to order the girl said. I would like a tall double chocolate chip please. And I will have the same thing please, Liam said. Okay that would be $20 dollars sir. I started looking for my wallet in my bag. I found it and took out the money. Bella I am not letting you pay he said and gave the lady the money. We took our drinks and said by the window. So I wanna get to know you he said. Ok ask me questions.  What is your favorite color? Purple. You I asked. Purple or blue he said. How old are you i asked. 21 he said. You he asked. 20. We finished our drinks. What do you wanna do know he asked. Wanna go to the park i suggested. Sure. The park was a block away so we ran there. We both ran for the swings. We started talking for hours and by the time we new it. It was 9pm. Well ill better start heading home. Bye and thanks for the coffee. Bye see you later.We exchanged numbers and left. Today was a good day after all!

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