The connection

Have you ever had to live with 4 other girls who are connected with you. Literally. Well that's us, the connection, and we have a mission to befriend and protect 5 boys. You may know them as one direction.

We all have to defeat gullen and tricentilly (tilly for short) ... And we can't forget about all of the other people in the arechnos (pronounced are-esh-no-ss) group there's about 100 of them in this world anyways...
They are hunters who take over people with powers(like us) and use them for the dark side

There is one tiny problem though.. Haha.. We have to befriend them, make them trust us, and the hardest one: make them fall in love with us; it's the only way to combine our powers oh I forgot to mention.. two of them have girlfriends.. Great..


1. introduction

The connection

Name: Jazmine De La Rosa

Kind of person ~smart one

What she is ~Warlock - a good witch that has a magical book full of spells and potions

Special power ~portal maker

Her quote "I spend most of my time on my studies rather than making friends I'm only my 'fun' self when I'm at home with my friends"

Amithist rebornowa (pronounced re-bore-no-wa)

~motherly one

~Brownie - flightless fairy folk who love to fix things that are broken, and improving them where possible.


"I spend most if my days making sure none of the girls get in trouble. Life. Is. Hectic."

Emma loove (pronounced loo-vey)

~short tempered

~Seraph - four winged fire bird that has many fire powers; like a Phoenix it has it's burning day (it's usually 6 winged but in the story it will be 4)

"I love all of my friends but being with them for the rest of my life stuck in the same house in the same forest and rarely leaving gets hard and makes me go crazy"

Erin white

~caring one

~Caladrius - a mystical Snow White bird that can take the sickness of a patient into itself and then fly away, dispersing the sickness and healing both itself and the sick person.

"I try to help everyone as much as I can it's harder with Emma but it's not her fault she's the fiery one so yeah"

Raina laine

~go with the flow, cheery one

~Mermaid - half woman half fish that can swim extremely fast and has water powers

"I go with the flow whatever's going on I just go with it I don't try to rush it or go too slow"

The arechnos (main people)

Gullen gibuth

-the darkest man

-Memory manipulation - Ability to erase or control the mind

"if you want something done right you got to do it yourself or you can just control the mind"

Tricentilly gibuth

-the darkest woman

-Possession - Ability to take control and inhabit the body of an individual

"It feels nice to get new 'costumes' as I like to call them but sometimes it gets tiring and people get in my way"

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