The Cowgirl in the City

Llewellyn Scott (Lulu for short) is a wild country girl. Born and raised in the wild outback of Australia. But when her aunt forces her to move to Sydney to go to a school for young ladies, Llewellyn try everything possible to stay with her parents and her farm animals she loves till the end of the earth. Her aunt wins eventually and Llewellyn has to go.

There is a simple way to describe what she thinks about Sydney. She HATES it. All the preppy, fashionista's are nothing like th girls back in Llewellyn's home town. All they care about is hot boys, music, fangirling over the hottest bands and anything cute or adorable. The city isn't much better. People glare at her in the streets because of her country attire and her personality. It's the worst.

But everything changes when she meets a group of four boys at a day at the beach. They're cute, she'll admit that but she never would fall for one of them. Will she?

*Cover made by: C.H. Potter (check 'em out)*

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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