She looks so perfect (One shot)

Inspired by 5 Seconds of summer's 'She looks so perfect"


1. She looks so perfect

"Hey, hey look at me. It's gonna be okay, just calm down, okay?" How could her mom and dad forbid ud to be together, saying we are too young to know what we want, but we're 18 for god sake. And we've probably worked way harder for this than they ever did. And we love each other. A month ago i even got her name tattoed on my chest. She didn't like it back then but i loved it. I knew that even if we broke up i'd still love her. I'll always love her.  I tried to explain that to her parents but they didn't believe me. 

Her deep breathing pulls me out of my thoughts and indicates that she's sleeping. I cuddle in to her side and falls asleep as well.  

I wake up the next morning expecting her by my side but she is not there. I rush to the kitchen in my sweatpants since i didn't have time to put anything else on. There she is. Cooking. She isn't wearing anything else than a blue crop top and my American Apparel underwear. She always told me it was some of the ugliest underwear you could get and i kind of agreed, but she manage to look just perfect in them anyways. I walked over to her hugging her from behind. She gave a little jump and a small screem in chock, and turned around. I grinned at her and she smacked my arm playfully turning around again, still in my arms, and continued cooking. I kissed her on the cheek and walked over to grab a cup of coffee. I Went over beside her, slapped her butt lightly and grinned again when she gave a little jump.

"What are we cooking?" I asked.

"Scrambled eggs and bacon" she replayed with a small smile at the corner of her mouth. I pecked her lips quickly and took the spatula to turn the bacon on the pan.

"Slept well?" She asked.

"Always when you're by my side"

"That's just cheesy"

"Yeah, but true though. How about you?"

"Always when you're by my side" she mimicked me.

"Ha-Ha, very funny" She pecked my lips and went over to the table with the scrambled eggs. I put the bacon on a plate and went over to sit beside her. 

*3 days later*

I walked around in the middle of New York. 2 days ago i bought her a ring and got her name engraved on the inside of it. I wouldn't propose, it was just a promise ring. Anyways i was going to pick it up now. I had thought a lot about asking her to run away with me but i never had the guts. Just because she was all i wanted didn't mean that I was all she wanted. 

I went home to my apartment and heard my phone ringing. It played 'She looks so perfect' by 5 Seconds of Summer. It was her favorite song so i knew it was her calling. I answered it excited to hear her voice again.'

"Hey babe!" 


"Is everything okay?" I asked worried. 

"He hit me" I could almost hear the tears rolling down her cheeks.

"What who?!" I asked both worried and angry now.

"My dad" Her voice cracked, and she started sobbing.

"He hit me. My dad, my own dad, hit me because he found out that We - I - That we're still together" This was all my fault. I should never have waited.

"Okay Stay in your room and lock the door. I'll come in through the window. Stay strong baby okay?"

"Okay, bye"

"I'll see you soon"

I hurried to the computer ordered tickets to the next flight leaving the closest airport. when that was done I rushed to my car and drived to her house. I went around the house, to the backyard, and climbed the tree beside her window. I knocked on her window and  waited for her to open. She jumped into my arms crying as i got in and we were standing there until she calmed down. I took the ticket and the ring out of my pocket,

"It's not a proposal ring just a promise ring" I started out. "I've been thinking a lot about asking you to run away with me  but i never had the guts or thought that they would hurt you, but please run away with me? And promise that we'll stay together?"

She started nodding slowly and then whispered a yes. 

*3 months later*

"Give me back my phone you asshole!" She yelled after me laughing as we ran around OUR apartment. 

"Okay on one condition"


"You gives me a kiss"

"Fine, but my phone first!" she said reaching out for her phone.

"Ah ah ah, that's not how it works" i said holding it up over my head were she couldn't even reach it if she jumped. Which was what she did.

"Ugh fine" She pecked my lips lightly and was about to pull away when i pulled her closer and deepend the kiss. I put her phone in her backpocket and pulled away after a while. I stood with my forhead pressed against hers and said: "I love you" she waited a couple of seconds before she answered:

"I love you too"

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