In Bluto (AKA Pluto) the ninth Planet by distance discovered in our galaxy, aliens aren't really as people think they may be. They're human, but they're a bit different.
Bluto wants to leave her planet, she wants to discover more, she wants to discover a new planet. A planet called Earth.


1. One





I ran my fingers through my naturally blue hair and brushed it a bit. 

"Names?" The space travelling station guard asked. 

"Bulalakaw Light."

"Blueto Light. Blueto With an 'e' after the 'u'" I answered. He smirked. 

"Original." He wrote my name and gave me a card, I walked away from him, not really bothered by his note. I got used to it. 

Sure, my name is Blueto, like our planet. The only difference between my name and the planet's name is the 'e'. Mom and dad couldn't come up with a more original name. It's not like I'm the only one in the universe who's named after the planet she lives in, but still, some people find it strange. I love it, I love Bluto, I love astronomy, if it were up to me, I would call myself Blueto.

I once learned in astronomy that The Earth People, or as we sometimes call them, People of Earth, call our planet "Pluto" but it doesn't really make sense. Why would it be called Plu-to when nearly everything in it is ... Blue. 

I bit my blue nails in anxiety, a bad habit, I know. I just can't stop myself from doing it now. That's the big day. I'm doing this one huge adventure and who knows, it may change my life forever! 

"Honestly Blueto, if you weren't my cousin I wouldn't have let you do it. It's crazy, Blue." 

"I have to do it, Bulal. It's just another adventure that's waiting for me, and you know me, I can't say no to adventures." I winked him.

Blulal's kinda my fiance. He's my cousin, which almost means the same thing.

We as girls get to pick one of our cousins to be our future husband, and if they accept us, we get married as soon as possible. It's our tradition, it's not cool at all, but it's still tradition, and we have to do it whether we like it or not. I sometimes wonder what it would be like for me to love someone who isn't my cousin, or- or be asked to be the fiance of some guy. It may feel better to be asked than to be the one asking. It doesn't really feel ladylike. I repeat, it's tradition, it's more like rules for us. It's not like I love Bulal or anything, we're .. friends. I don't think he loves me either, and to be honest I sometimes hope he doesn't, but when I think about it again, he's the only cousin I have and therefore, we'll have to end up together, so it'd be better if one of us actually loved the other. Like a partner. Of course I've never really asked him about his feelings for me, we don't like to talk about it, not now at least. 

"How long will this adventure take?" He asked. 

"As long as it needs." I grinned, hoping it'd take much time. I was really excited for it. 

"Right. Well then send us Lightsparks whenever you can." 

"Sure." I hugged him. "Don't miss me too much." He laughed. 

"I'll try not to." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and went to the room I was supposed to enter. 




"Miss Blueto Light?" The Astronaut asked. 

"Yes." I said as I entered. 

"you're the one who's been coming here training for moths, aren't you?" 

"Yes, sir." I said proudly. 

"Excellent. Well now I have only one question for you." I looked at him questioningly. "Are you sure you're ready?" 

I nodded. 







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