The lost twin

This story is based on a young girl named Ella who had a twin but hadn't found out she lived with her father. Ella went California campsite and hated someone that looked like her but who was it.....


1. New chapter

'Dad!' I shouted running down the stairs, clipping my hair, 'where's the lunch?' I asked. "Oh, hello darling, it's in the microwave." Said my dad with a really delightful voice. 'Mmmmm... Waffles my fav dad why you soo jolly happy today,' I asked stuffing waffles on my mouth ,"I'm going to act in a play!" Shouted my dad, "what are you going to be?" I asked." A hero which recurs a BEAUTIFUL princess!" Shouted my dad, but I wasn't impressed by him "what about MUM you left her and you are now moving, I wonder how she lived with you!" I shouted aggressively. "Now that's enough! Your mum left me!" My dad shouted leaving me flattered. "I read the card it was you," I cried out. "In sorry Ella I had to its ok today is a brand new day!","your going to camp for GIRLS you can meet a lot of new people!" My dad shouted changing the subject. "Ok",I said. "Now then get your self in the car packed it going to be a long trip!"

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