Little Darlings

Emily and her mum live in London.Her dad and twin sister Ella died in a car crash two years ago . Or at least that's what they think. When Emily goes to summer camp and finds some one that looks like her what does she do could it be Ella ?


1. Emily

"Emily time to get ready for school "mum called like another ordinary day, but it wasn't it was the day after my dad and twin sister Ella died in a plane crash.

I got out of bed and ran into the shower, when I finished I went into my closet room and picked out a yellow summer dress and white leggings that were about knee-high. When I finished getting changed and went downstairs to see mum cooking pancakes.

"Oh hi Emily didn't see you there.Here you are darling" she said putting a stack of chocolate chip pancakes and orange juice in front of me. I walked to the table and noticed the empty seats for a minute I forgot what happened to them. I finished my pancakes and got in the car while mum drove me to school.She tried to talk to me by asking me what lessons I have , but we were still on shock of what happened yesterday.

As soon as I saw the school gates I ran out of the car. Then all of a sudden my stomach started doing backflips. What was I gonna do when people asked where Ella was what should I say shall I tell them the truth.I decided not too.

When I reached my locker I saw my best friends Emmy (short for Emma ) and Esme standing by my locker. I somehow managed the whole day without someone asking where Ella was.

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