Being Liam Payne's sisters

You may think being sisters with Liam Payne would be easy but you dont know the word to describe easy the Payne twins Millie and Katelyn go through alot because of there famous brother


1. This is us

Millies POV

(Millies the girl on the top of the front cover)

My names millie im 18 i have one brother and a twin sister my sister is called Katelyn she also 18 we are twins we are different in ways but are them same in other ways to like for instance she would much rather be sleeping and i would much rather be out drinking basically im the more lively one out of both of us. My brother is Liam payne yes you heard it right Liam Payne from one direction i dont see him much but we i do we always end up arguing where him and Katelyn are like tied around each others fingers its so stupid i do miss my brother alot because he is always on tour with his other band mates and every single time he comes home they always come and stay its like i never get him to myself its either him and katelyn doing things or him and the lads never me and him and thats what we argue about he tells me i am way to lively and i need to dial down EXCUSE ME but you dont even know half of who i am because you are always with other people apart from me im usally so tempted to say that but mum always gets to me before i get to say anything to him

Katelyn's POV

(The girl at the bottom of the front cover)

Im katelyn im 18 i have a twin sister and 1 big brother who i love with all my heart he is Liam Payne from one direction yeahh im lucky i know every one knows me and my sister millie for being LIAM PAYNES SISTER it gets abit annoying because im quiet and dont like being in the spot light where millie on the other hand loves it shes more of a loud person dosent care of what people think of her goes out alot gets drunk sometimes and dosent care where i would much prefer to be at home on the sofa sleeping or watching a film. I dont know what it is with liam and millie but they always seem to argue every time Liam comes back where i love him and we never argue we always do things together and that what i love about liam he hasent changed at all

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