Never Say Always

I never broke a promise. Especially if it was a promise I made to someone who was close to me. Well, that was until she came around. We told each other we would always be there. We promised each other "always." She made me realise the truth, though. She taught me a lesson... Never say always.


1. Prologue


My eyes were beggining to water, and I was afraid tears would just start flowing out.

"Gabriel, please. I'm sorry. You weren't supposed to know."

         She reached forward and tried to grab my hand, only to have me yank back and turn around to face the wall. I didn't want her to touch me. I felt angry, hurt, depressed, and betrayed.

         "No. You promised me. You knew about this, yet you still promised me. You told me you would always be there. Now, you're breaking your promise, and I have to break mine, too. Once you're gone, I can't be there for you, and you can't be there for me," I blurted out, starting to sob loudly.

        I leaned my head against the wall in front of me and covered my face with my hands. I heard an almost silent cry come from behind me, but at that point, I really couldn't care less. It was my fault she wasn't crying. She did this. She put herself in this position. She broke her promise. She lied to me.

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