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For the Whovians who read this. The title has nothing to do with Doctor Who. I just thought it suited.

Well now back to the main idea of this.

Ever since I was 7, I have been having a hard time. Now when people say they have had a hard time, it normally means their parents split. or they're only living with one parent or none of their parents. My life is everything those people wish they had. But it isn't all it sees out to be.


1. Me. (The truth.)

I would have started this a long time ago, I just never knew how to put it into words. But here it goes. Better late than never right ? 


Hey i'm Amy, i'm fourteen years old. I turned fourteen on the 24th of January. I currently go to high school. (I thought I would never get there. But you'll find out about that later.) I have four brothers, three of them are my step brothers, the other one who is the youngest is fully related to me. I have both my parents. I have medium length brown hair witch matching eyes.  I haven't really got many friends, but the ones I have are like my family. I have a friend I call a sister, her name is Katie. She's the best. Girls my age are into One direction, Union J, and Justin Beiber, personally I hate all these types of groups. I am more into my heavy metal bands. I am madly in love with marvel and DC comics and all the hero's and the bad guys (cant leave them out). I'm also in love with dinosaurs, and all reptile animals. I prefer cold weather to warm weather, (you'll find out why soon). I hate leaving my bedroom, It's like tearing a wild animal away from his natural habitat, when I leave my room. 


Serious stuff now. (Don't freak out when you read this. It's not that bad. I hope)

I have been diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder. I you don't know what it is then search it up on Google or something. Also I have been diagnosed with severe depression. I have self harmed, not just cutting though, I have burned myself, forced myself to be sick, thinking i would become skinnier (it doesn't work). And if you guys are thinking, oh she's just doing this for attention. If you see it that way then go ahead judge me. I wont say anything. I have attempted suicide, on a few occasions. No one knew that, at least I don't think they did. 

My family and friends only think I have a split personality. Little do they know they are so far away from the truth. Now I know you're all thinking this has turned into a really depressing thing. But believe me it isn't I promise, well at the beginning it is. Please if you don't want to read anymore, I don't mind you not reading ahead. 

I have told no one my version of my life, only the version I knew they would want to hear. The happier version, truth is every life has its happy moments, and the bad moments. My life just has more bad moments then happy ones. 

This is a story on my life. And the truth behind my smiles.

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