Erin is a normal girl living a simple life. That is until she meets Harry, who happens to be in the .1% of a terrible disorder.


1. Chapter One

Erin's Pov:

"Ummm, are you going to class?" I nudge my new roommate who is sleeping like a log.

I have only been living with her for a week and i can already tell how lazy she is. Chloe i think her name is. She is probably hungover since she stumbled in late last night but come on, missing the first day of your second year in college?

"Not today." She groans.

"Come on, it's the first day."

"Just leave me the fuck alone!"

Well then.

I just shake my head as i slam the door, not a good way to start the morning. I walk quickly towards campus but have to ask a friendly looking lady where it is. I finally make it to the correct room and take a seat in the back with time to spear.

Halfway through class, a tall guy walked in with shaggy, curly, brown hair and was wearing dark blue jeans with nice brown boots. His flannel was unbuttoned just a few at the top where a couple of birds tattooed to his chest were visible. He was hot, until he opened his mouth...

"Styles, your late. Let's not have a repeat of last year." Says the grumpy old professor at the front of the room.

He just smirks at him before looking directly at me. I try not to blush as i see him walking to the back as the professor continues to go over the rest of the years plan.

"Your in my seat sweetheart." His hot breath whispers in my ear after he sits in the chair right next to me. "But i'll let you sit there today, since your cute." He says while leaning back in his chair and putting his hands behind his head.

"How is this your seat? It's the first day of school." I shake my head and try to ignore the fact he called me cute.

"I had him last year. Why haven't i seen you before?" He is showing no sighs in caring if we get caught by the volume of his voice.

"I transferred. And obviously he doesn't like you." I whisper, hopefully he will follow my lead and lower his voice.

"Everyone likes me darling."

"My name is Erin. And not everyone." I say sick of him calling me nicknames.

"I'm Harry. But i like buttercup better." He winks. "And who doesn't like me?" He furrows his eyebrows together in confusion.

"Me." I say bluntly while turning my focus to the front, wanting to end this conversation.

"Nah, you like me. I saw the way you were staring when i walked in." He 

shows his irresistible dimples.

"Just because i like the way you dress, doesn't mean i like you." I take this chance to check him out again, damn.

"You will."

Our conversation luckily got cut off by the bell. Not so luckily i had the rest of my classes with him. He thankfully only gave a few cheeky looks throughout the day and didn't try to talk again.

At the end of the day i went to the office and asked if it was common for people to have all the same classes and apparently it was since were in the same grade and both majoring in english. The man behind the desk named off a few other students i had several classes with that i guess did not even notice. I just decide i'm over thinking this and headed back to the dorms.

"Hey i'm sorry for snapping at you this morning. I was hungover." Chloe says as soon as i walked in. She is sitting in a skimpy dress while doing her makeup.

"I could tell but it's okay." I nod at her. I'm just thankful she apologized.

"Yeah, i'm rescheduling all my classes so it will fit my schedule"

"Your drinking schedule." I mutter.


"Nothing." I don't want her to hate me anymore then she does, were stuck together all year.

"Do you want to go out with me tonight? You look like you could use some fun."

"I have class tomorrow." I chose to have all my classes in a row twice a week and every other Friday.

"It's Friday."

I don't know what day i thought it was but not Friday that's for sure. Who would have a first day on Friday?

"So will you come? My friend just opened a new club, it's a couple towns over but it will super fun. Please?"

She somehow gets me into a dress thats a little to short for my liking but i'll live. She added darker make up and straightened my wavy hair and wouldn't change it back even after my several protest about how stupid i look.

"Just because your not used to it doesn't mean it's stupid. You look hot." She says right before pulling me out of the room and into a car with a couple other people i didn't know which made it more awkward, but i didn't complain since i didn't even know anyone here.

'A couple towns over' turned into nearly an hour drive. But eventually we got there and it wasn't that packed.

"Not that popular, yet." She tells me as she grabs my hand and yanks me through the doors. She seems to do that a lot.

As soon as we got in she left my side right a way. Thanks. The place reeked of alcohol but i guess that's why they call it a club.

I was about to just walk out, not really into this whole seen but got yanked yet again to the bar. This time by someone i didn't know.

"Two shots of vodka please." Said a raspy voice to the bartender.

I finally got a good look at the guy who dragged me here. His hair was up in a huge quiff and he was wearing a black v-neck, black tight skinny jeans with wholes in the knees and dark brown boots that looked like they were about to come apart. He had tattoos all up his arms and piercings on his eyebrows and lips.

"I'm underage." I tell him, trying to get out of his presents.

"So am i." He laughs while putting his large hand on my back. I knew he did this just so i couldn't get away.

"What's your name?" I ask, knowing i wouldn't be able to leave anytime soon.

"You don't need to know." He laughs again. His laugh is sexy. He is sexy. What am i saying? He literally grabbed me! "What's your name?"

I just smile at him before taking the shot and heading to the dance floor. As i expected, he followed me.

We have been dancing for less then a half an hour. Well if you call me rubbing my ass against his crotch a dance move. This is the part of me that doesn't come out often. Usually helps when i have a couple shots. I certainly have had more then a couple but i'm not completely drunk.

"I really like this dress." He whispers in my ear while rubbing his massive hands along my sides. "But it would look better on my floor."

I turn around to look at him and soon after a pair of moist lips were on mine. I didn't react at first, out of shock but soon started moving my lips with his. His tongue was in my mouth, i could taste the alcohol but i didn't care. He soon moved back and grabbed my hand before we rushed out of the building, still panting. We cross the street and climb into a black range rover.

"Are you a virgin?" He asks while speeding off down the street. I couldn't tell if he wanted me to be or not.


"Well virgins are amazingly tight and rare now a days." We both snicker at the thought of all the whores in the world. "But i'm a little tipsy so not really in the mood for teaching or blood." We laugh again. I really don't think he should be driving.

"Well, i have only had sex twice." I confess.

"Perfect." He grins. Those dimples, i know them.

"Why?" I ask again.

"Because it wont hurt and you wont bleed but you will still be pretty tight." I just shake my head at his honesty and hop out when the car comes to a stop.

His place is much closer then campus but still not too close to the club.

"You own this whole place." I gape when we get inside, it's huge.

"I have two other roommates." He says while guiding me up the spiral stairs.

Once we reach the tops there are four rooms.

"Those two are my roommates." He points to the side doors. "That's the bathroom and my room." He points to the middle ones.

"Are your roommates home?" I ask.

"I dont know." He shakes his head while pulling me into his room. He shuts the door and shoves me against it. He starts kissing my neck while i run my hands through his hair.

"My name is Edward." He says against my neck.

"I'm Erin." I tell him.

"And i only told you that because i want to make you scream it from those beautiful lips of yours." And that's exactly what i did.

After our, what i assumed would be a one night stand i head to the bathroom to clean up. I was actually sad i was leaving, we had a good time together and i'm not just talking about the amazing sex. But i knew it was just a one time thing.

I was washing my hands when i noticed a cup of pills with an unusual label on it. After i dried my hands with a towel that did not seem clean, i picked up the pills. MPD it read. It did not say much else except some instructions about where and when to get it. I saw a couple other empty cups of them behind the sink and shrugged. It's probably some drug, not that surprised i mean look at him!

He knocked on the door as soon as i was opening it.

"You need to go." He says while tugging at his hair. I expected this but not so quick.

"I can't sleep with you?" I tease but he took me seriously.

"No. Go."

"Fine." I shove past him while angrily putting my close back on.

"What? Did you think we were going to fall in love?" He jokes while leaning against the door frame.

"No, i'm not stupid. I just didn't think it would be like that."

"Like what?" He crosses his arms over his chest.

"Forget it." I say while tugging on my shoe.

"Hey put in your number." He said while tossing me his phone. I get hope until he says "so we can do this again."

I debate but then decide just to put it in. I mean it was a good fuck. Maybe i could get use to this even though it's not me. I have no idea what i'm doing.

I hand him back his phone while walking past him to the door, not saying a word. I call a cab since i have no car and no idea where i am. I sit down in his lawn for ten minuets before the cab comes and takes me home.

No surprise, Chloe isn't home. The vodka makes me fall asleep like a baby and i'm out like a light.


Saturday consisted of watching sappy movies with Chloe while recovering from our hangovers. She isn't so bad after a while, you get used to her.

Today is Sunday and i'm headed to the library since dumb ass teachers thought it would be funny to give out homework on the first day of school. I was sweating by the time i got there since i went to the one farther away, not wanting to see anyone from school.

There wasn't many people there, i mean who would come this early in the year? I made my way to the back by the tables and saw a boy with his face in a book. I laugh and make my way over to him.

"W-W-What are youuu doing?" He asks, moving his face up from the book as big as a dictionary.

He was wearing a sweater vest with slacks and nice shoes. He had slicked back hair and a huge pair of glasses on his face. He was cute, in a nerd sorta way. But he looks familiar, again.

"Can't i sit here?" I smile while sitting across from him.

"S-Sure." His stuttering is adorable.

"My name is Erin." I stick out my hand.

"Marcel." His sweaty hand wraps around mine. "Whatcha you working on?" Someones out of their shell.

"Homework." I grab my backpack to get it out.

"I could help. I'm pretty smart." He says while putting away his book.

"That would be great. How old are you?" I ask while moving to the seat next to him so he could help me easier.

"I'm 20. Graduated."

"Wow." That's really smart.

After a few minuets of him explaining something i had no interest in i studied his face. He looks familiar, too familiar. That's when i saw holes in his eyebrow and lip and it all made since.

Harry. Edward. Marcel. They are the same person? I didn't know for sure but i do know i couldn't stay here any longer. I just said thank you and grabbed my stuff before rushing out.

Too many things were rushing through my mind, i have no idea what to do.



Hey guys! THIS IS MY NEW STORY! if you haven't read my other one You've Changed you should get on that;)

So Harry looks like he does now except with his 2012 hair so basically just not pushed up. Edward is punk Harry with a quiff. Marcel is just like BSE music video. Erin is Vanessa Hudgins.

Now you might be confused so if you just can't wait for me to update you could look up what MPD is. or just wait for next chapter!

Please dont stop reading after this chapter babies! vote and comment and follow to help start up the new book!?



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