Poem book

A good set of poems!!!!


1. LOL

My puppy punched me in the eye.

My rabbit whacked my ear.

My ferret gave a frightful cry

and roundhouse kicked my rear.

My lizard flipped me upside down.

My kitten kicked my head.

My hamster slammed me to the ground

and left me nearly dead.

So my advice? Avoid regrets;

no matter what you do,

don't ever let your family pets

take lessons in kung fu.

My sister says she's sleepy!

My sister says she's sleepy,

that her energy is sapped.

She says she'd feel much better

if she climbed in bed and napped.

She says she she feels so drowsy,

that she has to shut her eyes.

She just can't keep from closing them

no matter how she tries.

She's claims she's so exhausted

that she cannot stay awake.

She swears that she'll be useless

till she has a little break.

She says she needs to catch some Z's,

to hit the hay, to doze,

to hibernate, to dream,

to have a moment of repose.

I'm pretty sure she's faking

when she jumps in bed and snores.

This happens every time our mother

says to do her chores.

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