Charlotte who was porly

A girl who is very sick and has to stay in the hospital

2. 1

The next day, however, things had improved.Charlotte had become less sick and Henry was still there .No one knew what to do people had visited her but today was the worrying time for her because her parents were coming to see her. They finally arrived when she heard the door creaking down stairs she quickly got into her pyjamas and pretended she was asleep. They creeped up the stairs and slowly approached in room 13 where she lay asleep. They looked around the room then suddenly they heard a noise and she awoke they were delighted to see her but could not touch her as she was really sick. The parents kindly greater Henry and he greater them back they were the sort of parents you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of them so Henry said nothing. Her parents could be.nice if you were nice to them but try not to be to nice.But it was just about time that her parents needed to go so they left.

It was the next morning at Charlotte felt a little bit better Henry just arrived with a cup of water."you've been here all night" she said softly "yes you snore really loud" Henry said "sorry I can't help having a blocked nose he he" Charlotte said.

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