Megan is a 13 year old American. She lives in a small town with her mom and mom's fiancé. Tragic events occur and she has no clue who to turn to or what to do. She finds out she has a brother that her parents sent to her aunt in Doncaster that she didn't even know about. Megan meets him the day of the accident and is very surprised to find out her brother is Louis Tomlinson from her favorite band One Direction. He is now her guardian and she must go on tours with him and the band. Find out the adventures they go on and problems they face in Brother. Also on my Wattpad account.


1. Author's Note

Please read! Hi guys. I am going to give you a little bit of details right now about the book and the updating. First of all, I guarantee that updates won't be fast or daily. I will try my best to update but I'm busy at times. Second of all, later in the book there might be some sort of age difference love. Third of all, I am not sure if there will be cursing but as soon as I know I will tell you. Fourth of all, this is going to be crappy because I am not good at writing, plus this is my first book. Fifth of all, there will be tears most likely. I cried writing the first chapter. Last of all, please don't send hate. I am trying my best to make it good and if you don't like the book then don't read it. I also decided to call you my 'Pickles' because I love pickles and my family calls me that.

~ Meggsy [a nickname that I love to be called]

Also on Wattpad.

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