Last Breath Before The Fall

A teenage girl named Ashton is disowned by her friends. Everyone is against her but her mom. She decides to stick up for herself only to land her smack in the middle of the principles office. But something goes terribly wrong. Will the boys be able to save her? Or will she take one last breath and then fall?


1. last breath before the fall

Ashton's POV

I looked in the mirror at the girl standing in front of me. The girl that once stormed through life with her head held high, but now trudged through it with her head to the floor. What happened? They happened. Liam. Louis. Niall. Zayn. Harry. They got close to me only to tell my most deadly secrets and ruin my beautiful life. I had amazing friends, amazing grades, a million exceptions for college, and best if all, I got a new baby sister. She was born on the day Liam came to town. You see, Harry, Niall, Louis, and Zayn were already my very best friends. We did everything together. We were always joking around and playing pranks and watching movies. We also sang along to every single song that came on the radio. But that all changed. I was the girl at school that everyone loved and cared for. I was the only person who would talk to the so called,'Weird Kids.' I was loyal you everyone and never betrayed anyone. Then Liam came. I didn't know him, and neither did the boys. But when I walked out of first period, everyone was against me. Exspecially the boys.

I walked out of the bathroom and went to my closet. I picked out a rainbow AAA t-shirt and and some jeans. I went back to the bathroom and straightened my long turquoise hair (wich I collected this morning) and put on a rainbow beanie and put on some rainbow converse. I grabbed my over-the-shoulder bag and went down stairs to see my mother with Ella. I smiled a crooked smile and walked towards them. "Hey mum." I said. My mother looked up and smiled at me. "Hey sweetie! How'd you sleep?" She asked. She always asked that question and I always said the same thing. I frowned and looked at my feet."The nightmares happened again." I said. "The same one or was it at least different?'' She asked. I looked up at her. "The same one." Zayn then ran down the stairs and smiled at mum and then smiled at me. "Hey Jamie, hey worthless!" He said. You see, Zayn lives with us now because his mother and father died 6 years ago. I looked at the floor again before walking away slowly. I heard mum yelling at Zayn for what he'd said. I opened the door and walked out. I walked to school every day because I didn't want mum to hear what other kids said about me.

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