In Love With The Wrong One

hi i am Alex and I was just walking on the street when i got kidnapped! and my kidnapper is in love wtih me but i am in love with the wrong one!


1. what the f*ck

chapter 1


Alex POV

Hi i am Alex and i am 16 years old. I live in New York Amerika and this is my extraordinary story.


I was just walking on the street. I was busy texting my friends (we're arguing about what movie we would go see) when suddenly I was pulled into a street. I wanted to scream but I got a hand over my mouth. I did not notice who was holding me and I could not see who it was because I was suddenly pulled into a car. Only when I was in the car the man took his hand off my mouth. I started screaming and suddenly I hear laughter. Shout what you want, but no one is coming to help you, I hear a voice with a English accent. I stop crying and look at my kidnapper. I arrange as I see that there is not one but five! louis why had we take this girl again? because she is so beautiful, I hear the guy who I believe is called Louis say. yes you're right. I do not know if they even remember I'm here, but I feel very uncomfortable. But then I see where we're going, the airport!? I'm still looking at the five boys. They are young, between 19 and 24 I think. I see that they all look very good and I start to think why they are had to kidnapp me...

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