torture of life



1. torture of life

I am really not sure if this can be considered as a poem,  but i think it could. i just hope that there would be emotions kicks inside your minds

It all happened so fast

I swear that I hated it I regret it and I still do

But I looked it as ‘I did it for my mom, so she could cure herself’

At the age of the thirteen

Why? I ask myself why? Why me?

He said that it was going to cure my mom along with something else

I believed him

It was the mistake of my life

I thought that my innocence was worth giving for the cure to my mother

It was worth giving

But he lied

Why? I ask myself why?

Does he do this to his victims?

I am pretty damn sure he does, just like he did me

Dirty bastard

Every day I would be thinking what would it feel like if I lost my virginity with a person I loved or was married to

Wonderful I bet

Compared to his all I felt was disgust and hatred

But I did it for my mother right?

Whenever my friends say that they are virgins and are proud to be one

I join in the virgin group acting like a proud virgin that I’m not

I keep reminding myself, I did it for my mom

If I could have thought in a logical manner, then none of this would’ve happened

I was stupid enough not to

I now hate myself for it

I regret it

But it was for my mom






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