One Simple Mistake



1. Broken

I would never be able to call him mine. His blue eyes sparkled in the moonlight. He looked at her like he was in complete love with her and I was the idiot who fell for the blonde blue eyed Irish boy from one direction. I was more than just a fan. I was Niall Horans girlfriend but now I was his ex girlfriend. All because of one simple mistake he made that I found out about. My story is long and heart breaking but he found out and loved me just for myself but I guess I was completely wrong. The boys had no idea what was going on now. They just looked at him in shock. I felt a cold wet year fall down my face for the first time in a month. It hurt. My heart snapped and I felt it. I loved him with all my heart and not one day went by without me not telling him I loved him. It hurt to know he cheated on me but if you want to find out how this whole mess started you have to find out from the beginning.........

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