Crazy in Love

Niall and Sophie have been dating for a while now, but what happens when Niall goes out of control and an crazy ex girlfriend comes into the picture?

"Niall your going crazy, your out of control" explained Sophie
"Crazy in love" replied Niall cheekly


1. A day in the life of Sophie

Authors Note 

Hi thank you so so much for reading my story (only my first so bear with me). xx 


Sophie P.O.V

Hi I'm Sophie Tomlinson, I am 19 years old and my birthday is on the 1st of December. I have long wavy blonde hair and green eyes. Oh and did I mention that Louis Tomlinson from 'One Direction' is my brother and my best friends are Harry, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Millie and Grace. I am also a part time model for Victoria's Secret. 

"Hazza, are you home" I yelled as I walked into my bro's and Harrys HUGE house. "Little sis! what are you doing here?" questioned Louis "I'm here to see Haz!" Harry and I have been best friends since the day the boys were put into One Direction. You know, the world famous boy band? Harry is the only one who knows about my secret crush on Niall!!!!!!! "Well his not home right now, but I will get him to call you when he is!" said Louis breaking Sophie out of her daze. "Alright I have a photoshoot in 20 mins anyway, talk to ya later, Love ya!" 


Louis P.O.V

Haz told me and the lads the other day that he had a mega crush on Sophie, at first I was outraged, I mean there is nooooooo way that I am everr going to let my little sister date ANY of the guys, It would just be so wierd. After I cooled down I realised that its never going to happen cause everyone can tell she has a huge crush on Nialler. 


Sophie P.O.V

I was just finishing up my shoot when the boys walked in "Hey sis, thought we would come and support you" said Louis. This wouldnt be so weird if I wasnt in lingerie, I thought to myself. For the remainder of the shoot I couldnt focus, I could feel Nialls gaze burning through my soul. Harry is always trying to convince me to tell him how I feel but.... i dunno, maybe I should... na I would just ruin our friendship. I'd much rather have Niall as a friend then nothing at all!


Niall P.O.V

Sophie looked BEAUTIFUL, I couldnt help but blush when I locked eyes with her, I hope nobody noticed. "Niall, Niall" said Zayn waving his hands infront of my face "huh, yeah..what?" "We are leaving, were all going back to Haz and Lou's place, Lou has a suprise" explained Liam


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