just another fan

ellie is a normal 18 year old girl who loves one direction she goes goes to one of there concertsand every thing turns upside down.

read more to find out what happens to ellie


1. Last day of 6 form

Ellie's POV


Last day of 6 form, where has the time gone? i walked out of science, thank god i wount be seeing the teacher AGAIN! i think she hates me you know? she is just a bitch to me giving me detentions all the time, last time it was because i dropped my pen? strange woman.

i was on my way to my car and my phone went off. OMG MY 1D TICKETS HAVE CAME! ive got to tell me frineds Kateyln and Kara! they are coming to, i like harry ovs! Katelyn loves Niall and sadly Kara likes harry too, but she knows he is mine.

i ran back into school to find where they are, last lesson they had was drama, lucky bitches they have tall the nice teachers in school and theres me with all the shit ones.

i finally found there class, they are not out yet for fuck sake hurry up! i could not wait so i ran into there class and everyone was looking at me, but i dont cear. i got to them and dragged them out of class.

"what you doing we where going to get our levels!" Kara said starting to walk back, "fine you dont want to go to a One Direction cosert with me, alright then ill take Owen and Sam they will be happy to come" i said going on my phone to ring them. "omg you wouldn't!" Katelyn said taking my phone away from me, "ohhh i would" "fine ok ok ill stay, whats up with 1D/" Kara said. "well i got the tickets!" they both just started screming and jumping around "and i got VIP passes to!" "dont fuck with me!" Katelyn said all serious "hell yeah!" we all just ran out of school and got into my car, they dont know its tomrrow....

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