You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


3. Chapter 3

"Boo" someone said as i close my locker.

"Gosh Greg!" I say holding my heart.

"Sorry about earlier." He said hugging me as people make their way to lunch.

"It's okay." I say hugging him back.

"Come on Brooke! Were going to be late for lunch!" Emma says with a bunch of girls following her.

"She's going with me today ladies." Greg said putting his arm around my shoulder and walking the other way as i wave.

"Sorry i had to take you away from your friends, i'm just really bored!" He said as we head to the exit.

"Yeah, friends." I say rolling my eyes.

"You don't like them?" He asks as we get into James' car.

"To be honest no. I feel like they're all using me. Everyone, i feel like they all are. That's why i'm not myself around them." I say basically telling him i have no friends.

"What about Sam?"

"Well we both met while modeling so i know he is not using me. I feel bad cause he has real friends back home in America. His parents just got divorced so his dad wanted to make a new life here."

"Oh well that's good that your helping."

"Where are we going to eat?" I say ignoring his comment.

"Panera." I give him an 'are you serious' look.

"Are you sure your not gay?" I give him a playful smirk.

"Unless Daniel is a guy."

We laugh the rest of the way there and through lunch.

"Finish your sandwich." Greg says as he takes a sip of his drink.

"I'm full." I say drinking my last sip of water.

"Were not leaving until your done."

"Perfect, i get to miss school." I say crossing my arms and leaning back in my seat.

"Uggggggh, let's go." He gets up and I follow close behind, throwing away my half eaten sandwich.

The rest of the day goes by fast and cheer practice was a blur. Before I know it i'm walking up to James who is watching our practice on the fence.

"God, i need to come to your practice more often."

"Ewwww, those are my teammates."

"I know." He says with a gross smirk.

"But I don't like what they make my baby sister where." He says shaking his head as we head to the car.

I look down to see my red sports bra with white tight booty shorts, with my team name across my butt in red.

"I know." I giggle, about to hop in the front.

"Get in the back."

"Why?" I asked confused since no one els is with us.

"Were picking up Niall from he airport!" He says sounding excited.

"Why?" I repeat myself.

"Cause his flight is later and his parents are preparing dinner."

"Can't you drop me off?" I ask getting in the back.

"I would have to go around the other way then go back. No."

"Can't Greg and Denise get him?" I say trying to think of reasons not go go."

"We're already half way there!" He says loudly. I decided not to make him any more mad and just go on my phone the rest of the way.

I only looked up when i heard screaming. I saw about 500 girls swarming around the airport. My eyes go wide and I get a little scared. The last time I saw anything like this was the Justin Bieber concert.

"Stay here, i'm going to go find him."

James says getting out and locking the door before i can say anything.

I sigh taking out my dark, long, straight, brown hair. I redo it in a high ponytail and put my white bow on top.

I look out the window and see James and Niall trying to get through the crowd with big guys dressed in all black helping them.

I just roll my eyes and go back on twitter. 5 minutes later I feel the trunk open and a suitcase is thrown in the back and the two front doors open as James and Niall hop in counting their conversation.

"Mate! You did not tell me you got a girl!" Niall says looking back at me.

Me and James start laughing as he looks at us confused.

"Hi Niall." I say with a smile.

His face comes to realization, he must have recognized my voice.

"Brooklyn!?" He says shocked.

"Only my mom calls me that when she's mad at me now."

"Which was this morning." James says finally getting on the road.

"Oh yeah, how's your cheek?" I say sticking out my lip.

"Sore." He grumps.

I just laugh going back to twitter. James and Niall caught up the whole way their. When I hop out of the car. Niall's eyes go wide scanning my body.

"Put some clothes on." James says, not noticing Niall's staring.

I blush and turn back to my bag. Slipping on my black zip-up with the words 'cheer' in red print on the side. I don't use the zipper since it's so hot. But I can't help but feel self conscience at Niall's starring. Not knowing what it meant, I head inside the Horan's house for dinner.

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