You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


2. Chapter 2

"Why is he coming home?" I ask my mom as i walk completely into the kitchen.

"Brooke!" My mom warns me. That's when i notice Maura, Niall's mom sitting in the kitchen, too.

"Oh hey Maura, sorry did not see you." I say grabbing an apple. Apparently my mom did not like that response either.

"Brooklyn!" My mom yells my full name.

"Its alright Mindy." Maura reassures my mom.

"Gotcha!" Two voices say behind me pinching the sides of my stomach.

I scream turning around slapping two cheeks. It was not until then i realized it was just my brother and Greg.

"Ouch!" They both wine rubbing their cheeks as me and Maura laugh.

"You deserved that." Maura says as it quiets down.

"Whatever." James huffs.

"Lets go!" Greg says trying to get us to school.

"Your taking us today?" I ask throwing my half eaten apple in the trash. Greg or James always takes me to school since i hate the bus.

"Yeah to see Denise." James says making annoying noises with his lips.

"Shut up!" Greg says hitting James in the stomach. I think its cute. They act like they just starting dating even though they're engaged.

I do think its weird that Denise is my teacher and i see her outside of school all the time. But i just try to act like she is two different people.

We grab our backpack and say bye to our moms as we head to the car.

"When do i get to sit in front?" I say from the backseat halfway through the ride.

"When your a senior!" My brother yells. He thinks he is so cool because he is one. I just hate sitting in the back, i feel lonely.

"Your just a little Sophomore!"

"Shut up!" I roll my eyes at his childness.

"Hey why are we taking James' car?" I ask leaning over so I'm next to Greg.

"Cause' James is taking you home. I am riding with Denise. We'll probably go somewhere after school." He answers while keeping his eyes on the road.

"What are you going to do during the day?" I ask another question.

"I got the day off, so Starbucks?" He shrugs. He is an assistant football coach at the nearby College so he does not work much. He still lives with his parents but he is saving up for the wedding and a house.

"That's your answer to everything." I laugh at his weird white girl obsession.

"Don't be home late, Niall is coming home today!" James cheers.

"He is going to be home all summer, i think we all will see enough of him."

"All summer?" I repeat his words.

"Yeah why?" Greg looks at me confused.

"Nothing." If he was cocky when he left, he will sure be even more now that he is all famous, it all goes to their head.

"Oh i got cheer practice after school so you need to wait for me." I remind James.

"Oh my gosh just shut up!" He says annoyed at all my talking.

"Love you too." I say sarcastically, hitting the back of his head.

The rest of the way was spent with us trying to sing louder then eachother to the radio.

"Want to come see Denise with me?" Greg asks us as we hop out of the car.

"Sure." Me and James say in unison.

"Actually James, could you go ask the principal if we could use the fields after school tomorrow for practice."

"Yes coach!" James says with a smirk as he heads to the office.

"Is it weird having to coach your basically brother?" I ask Greg as we head inside.

"A little, but he is pretty good about the whole thing. I make him run laps when he calls me Greg." He says with an evil grin.

I think what would happen if Greg was my football coach. I would have to run lots of laps if thats the case. I think i should stick with cheerleading.

"Do you think you guys will win state this year?" This is only his 2nd year of coaching. But last year they got 3rd and they improved a lot.

"With your brick wall goalie of a boyfriend, and insanely fast goal scorer of a brother, we got a pretty good chance."

I smile thinking of Sam as we move through the halls. He is only a Sophomore on Varsity, and to be the starting goalie is really good too. But Niall was amazing. He was the starting goalie for varsity too just like Sam, but Niall did that in 8th grade. He was on varsity till Sophomore until he drooped out for the X factor. He probably cant even kick any more.

"Speaking of Studs." Greg says barking my thoughts as Sam appears in front of us.

"Hey coach!" Sam says in his raspy deep American voice. He still has his American accent since he just moved to Ireland before school started.

"Got practice after school tomorrow. Rest up tonight."

"I will with my girl." He says smiling putting his arm around my shoulder.

"No you won't." Greg says earning two confused looks from both of us.

"Niall is coming home tonight." He reminds me.

"Do i have to be their? This is the one day you give them off! Like you said he will be here all summer."

"You know both parents will be mad." He warns me.

"Not like he cares." I mutter.

"Your his little sister!"

"No! I never have and i never will be. He has not talked to me in 3 years!" Both of us talking louder then we need to.

"He's famous."

"Exactly, he does not care. If you had to leave we would stay in contact. You would come see me. I would go see you. Because we love each other. And James does too."

"Niall loves you too." He says trying to settle with me.

"No i have not seen him since i was 13, Okay?"

"Broo-" Greg starts but i cut him off, before more people keep looking.

"See you tonight." I say walking away, knowing i have to go.

"You okay!?" Sam asks following behind me.


"So Niall is coming home tonight?" Sam asks. I have only told Sam that Niall is Greg's brother and my brothers best friend and that i used to know him.

"Yeah." I say with no emotion.

"You won't leave me for him will you?"

"I have not talked to him in 3 years." I remind him.

"I know its a joke. But he is famous." He says trying not to get me more mad.


"Im going to class." I say kinda bluntly to him. I give him a peck on the lips and head to Denise's room.

Im still mad, more sad. I hate fighting with Greg. He is the best brother and friend i could ask for. Even if he is 25, but he treats me like I'm older.

As i walk to my first hour i see a couple kids scattered around the room talking and i see Greg head for the door.

I avoided eye contact with him and walk all the way around the desks so he does not see me. When he is gone i head to the front of the class to talk to Denise.

"What was that about?" She asks obviously noticing me avoiding him.

"Fight." I sigh. As she rolls her eyes.

"You guys are honestly siblings."

"So your coming tonight right?" I ask shifting my weight as i stand across from her.

"I don't know Niall hates me!"

"He does not hate you no one could! He has met you once! I have not seen him in three years! Did you know what i looked like?"

"Yes i have seen pictures." She says trying not to laugh so hard. Curse Greg, his wallpaper on his phone is from when i was 12 eating a donut.

"But your beautiful and healthy now." She says remembering my past depression as she helped me through most of it.

I just roll my eyes and take a seat as the bell rings. Trying to stay awake for the rest of the day.

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