You've Changed

He changed for the better, She changed for the worse...


1. Chapter 1


"Niall's coming home!" My mom spoke as i entered the kitchen. I wouldn't know it yet, but those three words wold change my life forever. But before i get into that, let's rewind first to the beginning.

It all started out like any other cliché story. He was my first crush, he was the boy next door, he was my brothers best friend, he was Niall Horan. But then he went off to the X factor at age 15 and 'made it big' so that was the end of my first love story. Or so i thought.

Growing up me, my brother James, and Niall were together all the time. But when they got into middle school, i was left behind. I mean i was two years younger then them. And to be honest i was not the most attractive child. I was that fat ugly girl everyone felt sorry for.

Puberty just came late for me. Oh but when it came it hit me like a load of bricks. I mean i am a model now. That summer made me who i am.

It was the summer I was 13. It was the summer i went to fat camp and got skinny. It was the summer I got my braces off and contacts on. It was the summer I got an agent and my first photo shoot. It was the summer Niall left, and I haven't seen him since.

He only came home once and i was away in America at some modeling thing. His parents mostly go see him on tour since he is busy 'living the dream.' My brother and him still stay in contact a lot. He even went to see him a few times. As for me? I lost all communication and respect for him the day he left.

That was the day i had my first broken heart. Our two family's were together celebrating Niall going off to the X factor auditions. Even though his parents, his brother, Greg, and James were going with him.

I dragged Niall into his room and confessed my year long love for him. Who responded with, and i quote, "I'm sorry, but your fat and ugly so i can't date you." I mean when your 13 and your first ever crush says that to your face, it hurts.

You could probably say that flushed any self confidence i had left down the drain. And it's safe to say that's what started my self depression. Yes, I was anorexic. Or i guess still am, because 'once depressed, always depressed.' I still don't eat much compared to most people but better then i used to be.

Maura, Niall's mom is the only one who noticed a couple months back. She promised not to tell my parents since they would think it had to do with modeling and make me quite.

But she understood that modeling actually gave me more confidence. But i had to let her and Greg help me which they did. We got it early which was good and his fiancé Denise helped a lot too since she went through the same thing.

Im better know, I'm healthy, i want to stay that way. Hopefully i will unless Niall makes another remark when he comes home that would brake me and ruin all our hard work.


This book takes place in Ireland. I live in America and have never been to Ireland so i have no idea what its like their, sorry. This book may contain sexual and emotional context that some people might not be comfortable reading. Most of the dates an ages dont add up to real life but this is a FanFiction! Brooke, the main character is based off of Kylie Jenner, James is based off of Dylan O'Brien, and Sam is based off of Sam Pottorff. Please dont stop after the first Chapter, its just a filler. READ ON!

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