Adopted By Harry Styles

July has lived in an orphaning every since she could reamber. All she ever wanted was to find a family that would love her for her. What happens when a man shows up at her orphanage looking for a little girl to adopt and take her home? Will July get her dream come true? Or will he never get to meet her?


1. The perfect kid

Louis's pov:

I felt bad for harry and Sammy so I decided to take harry out for lunch. As we were in the car Harry turned to me and said, "Louis you know what I want?" I looked at him and said, "Food?" "No Louis I don't want food! Louis I want a kid. You know how you and the lads all have kids well except for niall since he lost his sadly." I looked down at the thought of how crushed  Niall was when he found he lost his baby girl to cancer.

I turned to Harry and said, "Well what type of kid do you want?" "It doesn't matter to me I just want some one to love and to protect now that nail's all grown up and especially now that he moved back to Ireland gosh I miss that kid so much!" "Trust me harry we all do."

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