The Unseen

What happens when a student from C.D High School gets murdered?
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1. Micheal

        A sharp pain struck the back of my head as I got up. What happened? I slowly looked around to find myself in the farm house. Josh was sitting in a corner slowly rocking back and forth with his arms wrapped around his legs.

       "Josh..." I asked weakly.

      He looked up at me with fear and sadness in his eyes.

      "Michael?" he asked, slowly getting up.

      "Yeah? Josh...What’s wrong?"

       "A-are you okay?"

     "Yeah I feel fine...Well except for this -"

      The pain that had just settled on the back of my head had vanished. I looked up at Josh; he seemed distracted with whatever was behind me.

     "Josh..." I asked, slowly turning around.

     "I'm sorry Michael....I-I...." he stuttered, coming closer to me.

      I fully turned around to look at whatever was catching his eyes. There laying on the floor was just two inches from me was a body. Oh crap what happened last night?

       He had almond colored hair with a tannish body. I turned to Josh with a questioning look, he only stared.

        I walked around the body to get a good look at the face.

      Crap! I quickly stumbled back away from the all too familiar boy.

     "Wh-what h-happened?" I stuttered, feeling tears quickly slide down my face.

     "I'm sorry man..." He quietly said.

      When he didn't answer my question I asked again, but more loudly, “What happened!"

      Before Josh could reply the sound of a police siren caught our attention. The look of fear was plastered of Josh’s face.

     "Michael..." Was all he said before he ran to the kitchen?

       I soon followed after him watching every step he took to make sure I didn't fall. When we reached the back door we heard someone yelling from behind us.

      "Stop!" He yelled.

       When we didn't stop it only urged him to run faster. Josh began to slow down, so he could catch his breath.

       "Don’t stop! We have to keep going" I said.

        "I-I can’t...”He sobbed.

         I reached out to help him, but was quickly stopped by the officer’s hand.

        "Get down and put your hands on your head!" A slightly overweight, black haired officer commanded.

         Josh whispered  "Run!" as he  fell to the ground putting his hands up to his head. I  ran from them hoping Josh can keep the officer there. I quickly looked back to see Josh nearly dragged to the front of the farm house. I stood behind the tree just in case the officer came back.

       After what felt like a couple minutes I slowly walked to the side of the house creeping to the front. Josh could sense I was there and slowly looked up making sure the officer didn't notice. His faced dropped lower once his eyes met mine.

          I could tell he wanted to say something more.

         Josh,harshly looking back at me, was placed into the car. The officer  looked my way; I quickly ducked away praying he didn't see me. When I looked back around the corner the officer was barely getting in his car to start it. “I’ll explain later” he mouthed as the officer drove away.

        I walked around the corner to the back of the house with my hands covering my face trying to erase the image out of my mind. I leaned against the wall slowly sliding down until I sat there sobbing asking myself “how would this have happened?”

       I don’t remember the scene that played before the incident, one thing I’m talking to Xavier and the next thing I know is that I’m waking up with a sharp pain that soon vanished after waking up.

     I walked back inside to take a look at the body; it was covered up in what looked like a trash bag. One of the officers must have covered it up while Josh and I were running away. I unzipped the bag to look at the boy and see what caused his death. The further I got to unzipping the bag the more curious I got to how he died, and that’s when I saw it.

      Coming from under the body was a pool of blood; I slowly turned to body over to see where it was coming from. It was hard to find the source of the blood, but that’s when I noticed the opening coming from the back of his head.


       I turned the body back around and looked carefully at the face trying to figure out who this familiar boy was, and that’s when it hit.

      The clothes, the face, the hair, the skin tone. The body that lay before me was-

     A loud noise came from the front of the house causing me to quickly close the bag. The zipper was caught onto a piece of hair. I left it like that and ran out the door.


        As soon as I was far enough from the house I slowed down to a mere jog. What was going on? I couldn't go back to the house knowing there would be police cars and men surrounding the house. I had no idea what to do now; Josh drove us here and I wasn't paying attention on the way here, so I don’t know the way back into the city. Walking farther and farther away from the house the sharp pain in my head continued to throb faster. I looked back at the house remembering the familiar face that laid there crumpled in the bag. What had happened last night? I need to find Josh I need- A loud screech immediately cut through my thoughts. I ran the direction the voice was coming from, but found nothing. I stood there listening for about a minute or so… nothing.  

        The further I got from the house the foggier the woods were. Out of the corner of my eye I could see shadowed figures come and go, hearing nothing but the sound of their footsteps. I have no idea where I going from here, I didn't even know where I’m going! I looked around me taking in the surrounding when something caught my eye; I wasn't sure what it was it kind of just stood hunched over. The shadow began to move upward almost as if it was stretching, once it stood up to its normal height I noticed that it wasn't a thing but it was a human.

  “Hey? Excuse me! Can you please help me find my-“ I stopped when I noticed that the figure started to move away? “Wait come back….Please!” I pleaded. The figure slowly started to move deeper into the fog, but came to an abrupt stop.

   “Heeeeelp meeeee” The voice said. She sounded distant even though she only stood not even a few feet away.

    I started to walk closer to her, but she only moved further back from me. I assumed she wanted me to follow her, But I had no idea where she was going to take me. I slowly started to follow her trusting that this would turn out good, but I had spoken to soon. More shadowed figures started to come from behind the fog, silently standing there. What’s going on? There was nowhere for me to go, nothing for me to do. I closed my eyes tightly shut wishing that this was only just a nightmare that I will soon wake up from. Minutes after I open my eyes I find myself starting at the face of what looked like a seventeen year old girl, only a year younger than I am. Looking into her dark eyes I noticed how distant and lost they were; her face showed little expression, but she looked unhappy almost like she wanted to cry.

    “Hi there…”I said as casually as I could.

     She only stared, but only for a brief second before opening her mouth. “You have to help us…Please” She begged.

      “Us?” When I looked around I noticed that the figures started coming out from the fog. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know how I could help”

     “Yes you can, you have the power to” she responded in a hushed tone.

       I looked around at all the other faces that wore the same expression. “How can I help? I’m no super hero...”

      Without a word everyone vanished with a blink of an eye, I had no idea what was going on this had to have been a nightmare and I needed to wake up from! Before I realized it the world around me began to go dark as I felt my face harshly fall onto the cold ground. 

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