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Melody K. a young regular girl was accepted to work as a reporter on the biggest show in the entire world ! But what will happen when Harry Styles the popular heartthrob lays eyes on her and will let her live the worse and best adventures of her life ? Why does she refuses to be nice with him ? What will be her reaction when he brakes her heart several times ? Read my story to know it all ! It will be an unforgettable story !

Hi ! Please excuse me if I have any mistakes or if my vocabulary isn't perfect I don't take a lot of english classes so... And I tried to spice it up a bit hope you like it ��...any way thanks For reading my story you won't regret ! please take note that non of these actions exist in real life its a fan-fiction !


1. Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Melody's POV

I woke up this morning on the sound of my alarm ! Even today I had to be pissed by it ! I tried to adjust the light as I reached for my phone and dismissed it.This was it the last time I am going to wake up in my bed,my country,my house with my family and friends around me because I need to go to the US to start working.I hoped out of my bed and opened the door my luggages and suitcases were all over the place and my mom was sitting next to one of them packing it ,then she saw me and she started to cry so I ran her in direction and I hugged her:
- mum don't cry I will be back in a couple of months for vacation I promise !
- I am not crying for that...well kind of but I am also crying because you grown up so fast yesterday you were just sitting in my laps playing with your doll .
- mum please stop you are making me want to cry plus remember no matter what happens I will always be your little girl ! I love you !
After that touching speech with my mum I grabbed the sandwich she made for me and I went to my room. Once there I started to look over my albums before I start preparing my self then my eyes twitched at a certain album:"BFFAS" my best friends Mia , Rayane and I made this album from the first time we've met we've been best friends since the 6th grade we are really close to each others we've never been that much far from each other I mean we are not going to become that much far we have the same style,choice,music.... So I sat down on the floor and I started to review the pictures and every time a grin grows even bigger on my face as I remember the good old memories I sat for about half an hour till I heard a knock on my door I turned back to see my dad so I stood up and walked to him :
- here you go sweetie (he handed me a paper)
- whats that daddy ? 
- its your plain ticket don't you want it to go ?
- I wish I wouldn't have to but thank you anyway dad !
- your welcome and now come on go get ready Mia and Rayane will be here in a matter of time !
he said before he looked at me sadly and closed the door shut so I took advantage of it and went into the bathroom. I closed the door and opened the hot water, after that I removed my clothes and I hoped in. The hot water fell from the shower and crushed on my dark brown hair then slid on my back to finally land in the tub as I got back in time and remember all the good and bad memories I had lived : my birthdays , christmas , my graduations , the first time I've met my BFFs... But suddenly I've been pulled out of my thoughts because my phone rang I knew that was a sign that Mia and Rayane are coming because thats Mia's ringtone and she did a missed call...so I finished my shower quickly before I took a towel and wrapped it around me then I went back to my room and pulled out my left over clothes a pair of ripped ski bleu jeans and colorful sweatshirt with a pair of pink converses I dried my self up then I put my clothes on and dried my hair I looked at my watch and I saw that there is half an hour left so I decided to close my eyes for a bid before I tie my hair and put on make-up. I letted my self fall onto the mattress as I closed my eyes.After 10 minutes or so I woke up really frightened I saw a bad dream : I was in a big field where I was happy there were people around me we were all happy then I found my self on the floor so I looked up and saw a boy with a huge grin on his face it was kind of scary ! But the boy was really cute ! I looked at my watch and realized that I will be late if I don't start now.I went up looked at the mirror before I sat down on the chair and applied my make-up : a natural color eye-shadow some mascara a little bit of blush on my cheeks and a light pink gloss . Then I picked my brush and started to comb my mid-long straight up and curly down dark brown hair then I tied it up. 
Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_43/set?id=92066212
As soon as I finished I looked at my watch and realized that Mia and Rayane are going to be here soon so I opened the door and went downstairs.I entered the kitchen and I saw my mum and dad sitting down at the table so I sat next to them :
- Hey so whats up ??
- nothing new (my mum replied in a sad tone)
- mum I think I know that tone whats wrong ??
- well umm...look your father and I are really worried about you we don't think that you are old enough to go to L.A by your self especially because you are going to be famous and there are going to be boys and we don't want you to get your heart broken...
- mum don't worry about that plus I am not going there to date anyone and I've been raised by you and I am old enough so don't worry I think I am mature to know when to get away from these things...
- so you mean we should trust you like we did when we went to the village I mean we went back home and discovered that you thought there was someone attacking you so you called the police and they surrounded the house and at the end turns out the cat was delivering ! (she said laughing)
- muuuuum that was one time plus I didn't know the cat was pregnant in the first place I was alone I didn't know what to do and I was 16 for crying out loud !! And now I am 20 mum !!!
- ok ok now you are a grown up and we believe in you so behave well, don't let anyone bother you ok ?? And work well on your new show its really important ! (dad said to me )
- ok ok I know ! (I said before them) 
Then as soon as our conversation finished I heard a knock on the door it was Mia and Rayane I went to open the door but as soon as I did they hoped on me and we fell on the ground it was hilarious :
- sooo whats up girl ??? (Mia said getting up from on top of me and hugging me tight
- nothing special I am just going to miss you all (I said practically crying)
- oh no no don't cry everything is going to be ok I promise plus you found a great job you are going to be famous rich and you are going to live in L.A plus I heard that they are a lot of cute boys there ! ( Rayane added )
- hahaha I know but still I am going to miss you girls a lot plus I am not going there to date or to start my love life ! (I said giggling)
- boooo but still if you meet anyone introduce them to us we would love a cute handsome boy !!
- mmm ok don't worry I will trust me !
We hugged and we went upstairs after Mia and Rayane said hi to my parents.After a few hours of talking and remembering all the great memories we had , I packed my backpack because its time to leave !
- sweetie we love you a lot take care don't talk to strangers remember what we said earlier ok baby girl we love you call us as soon as possible every day every night...(my mum said without breathing)
- ok ok mum I get it I really do I am a grown up now and I know whats right for me trust me mum.
- we love you honey and like your mum said take care if you need anything just call us and in a matter of time we will be there ok ? ( my dad said )
- ok dad I love you both a lot thank you for everything ! 
- Mel We are going to miss you a lot I will always remember you when we will drink hot chocolate in the cafe or...or.... You know what ! we will always remember you (Mia said almost crying ) 
- Mia calm down I will be back in just a few month for vacation 
- a few month ???? Oh ok then I love you ! ( she said relieved ) 
- ennww I love you too boddy . 
- heyyyy ( Rayane said looking sad and pissed )
- hahaha don't worry I love you too 
I said before kissing her on the cheek and then did the same for my parents and then hoped in the car looking back at them tears streaming down my eyes like a river ! All the good memories started to flash before my eyes as I cried rivers !
When I arrived to the airport some employees helped me get my luggages out and I went and did all of my papers then got in the plain tired and I began to think about my new job and whats going to happen there and were I am going to live with who ?....

Hiii ! Thank you so much for reading my story ! It means a lot to me :) follow me I always follow back oh and comment...if you want bye bye :)

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