song of death

Blurb: *set in egypt unknown year of a story of the princess anabella. Princess anabella is son of the famous pharoh. Her dad won't let her go outside. She wants to see the outside world like her mum and dad. She never can because of servants are always guarding the doors. So one day while her mum and dad are having a dinner party she sneaks out and window and explores ancient egypt like she has always wanted to.


1. me

I sit down in my room combing my hair. I look on to the ground seeing the outside world. I am forbidden to go there. I must stay inside the castle in the desert. I am Anabella. Daughter of the ruling pharoh. I am not an only child. I am 16 years old. I have a brother. He is only 4 and a half. Still he will be the next Egyptian ruler as it is sons first daughters last. I wish I was an only child so I could become the ruler. It isn’t that I don’t like having a brother. It is just my mum always thought I was going to be the person to take over my dad so I had to learn lots. All about how to be a good pharoh. They never had a girl pharoh. I wanted to be the first one. I had to learn lots of different lessons. English, maths, art and history of Egypt. I even had to learn hieroglyphics. It is needed so I can write messages to people. I know how to spell my name in hieroglyphics and how to say about the weather. My dad forbids me going out the castle. His reason being that I need to study. I have a private tutor to teach me. I never even went out the castle as a young child. I was locked inside. I always drew the outside world. All that was outside my window was the river nile. I drew it but made my own village around it. It was what I wanted to see. A nice little home where they sell fruits and veg. If I am aloud out, I am supervised and it is going to the nile to get some water. That is about every 3 months. It is just so I am not inside every day. I have windows I could open and look and I get fresh air. I have a castle to explore. It has so many rooms. My room is a secret room. It is behind the treasure room in the basement. The door is covered in wallpaper with a doorknob that looks like a decoration. My dad wants us all to be safe. Dinners are rich. Nice meats. It depends what the farming servants can find. Sometimes we have stuff like deer. It depends what is available in my area. So at the moment I am bored waiting to go outside for the first time.
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