they locked me up

Blurb: Anna is like any other 17 year old. Except she is in a mental instatute and has to go to counciling. She has no mental problems. She was blamed by a girl who was a stalker trying to kill her named Allie denmark. She told everyone that Anna was the mental one and that she tried to kill her. Now Anna is facing a 10 year scentence with 3 hour counciling a week. There she meets councilor 19 year old Jenny who may realise the truth. Will she though?


1. Prologue part 1- the hill

Anna’s pov:

It was midday. A gloomy Monday morning. I was in my room doing nothing sitting on my bed dressed looking at my phone. I only went out for school then and it was an inset day that day. I had a reason. A good reason. A big one. Something hard to say. Something weird.

I was being stalked. I didn’t know who by. When I went out, I could feel someone behind me. I would turn around and see a person in a black coat. They had a white mask with a red stripe. She tried to kill me twice. She tried to stab me once and one time tried to shoot me. I couldn’t go out. Not with that person there.

I got a text. It was from drake:

Hey sweetie pie, meet me at the hill at 12:30. I have a little surprise for you.

Ahh, drake. Sweet, clever, wonderful drake. He was my boyfriend and we would soon be celebrating are one month aniversery. That was when I started getting stalked 2 days after we started dating.

I must meet him.  My stalker won’t be there today. It isn’t a full time job. I got another text from an un known number:

I know where u live and I will destroy u. Just remember one thing I will never be gone but you might.

I will kill u

Xxx your stalker.

I still had to meet Drake. I just got on a coat and ran out the door. I got another text.

I know that u haven’t taken my word and I know that u have gone out the house. Yes I know everything about u and I am someone u won’t suspect. U may know me but I won’t say if that is true or false. Just listen to this. I am your worse nightmare.

Your stalker


I just ran faster until I got to parkwood lane. That was where the hill was. The hill was where the park was. I went through the entrance and got to the hill top with the bench. It was only 12:20. It was only 10 minutes till I met him. I got another text:

Look behind you.

From your stalker

I turned around and you would not believe who I saw. Not drake but I saw my worst nightmare. My stalker in her back coat disguise.

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