back stage tour with bridget mendler.

Blurb: some people know what it is like back stage. Maybe they have gone to a concert or have performed and had to go through backstage. Only celebrities know what it is like before the show. I am ellis adrian and i am here to take you through backstage seeing what the stars are as well.


1. introdction

People always have wanted to know what back stage is like. Some people do know. Though they don’t know what it is like before the show. Celebrities or performers know what it is like. Friends of celebrities do as well. Normal people don’t. People wish they knew what happens behind the scenes and know that the good performances don’t just happen by magic.

Hello my name is Ellis Adrian. English journalist. Well aspiring English journalist. I have flown from England to America to see Bridget mendler in Washington. Her manger has agreed for me to come and look at back stage. She also said that I can interview her to see what a normal day backstage is like. So please read on to find out more about back stage.

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