Love bites (Harry styles fanfic

"I thought you loved me"
"I am in love with you, love..but I can't stop"
"Your blood babe..your blood"
"Don't tell me..are u a sick doctor?"
"Oh no..I am way better than that..I am a vampire"


1. Chapter one

I opened my eyes in that was a dream Kate..chill down. But I couldn't. It kept on replaying itself every day. It is a nightmare a nightmare that sticks in my life..I put on my slippers, as I walked lazily downstairs, trying to calm myself. Today is damn school. I drank some cold water, as it chilled me down, and walked back to my room. I undressed myself, as I walked to my own bathroom, and got a good hot water running in my body, making me forget that stupid dream. After the long good bath, I covered myself with a towel, and stood in front of the big closet.

 I sigh, and searched for the perfect clothes. I admit it, I really turned it to a mess, but I kept on searching till I found the perfect shirt. It is the hot pink, with a white rose in the shoulders, it was amazing. I let the towel free, and it fell under my legs, as I put on my bra and underwear. Then I dressed in my shirt, and white skinny jeans. I left my hair straight, as I put on my pink shoes. I took my bag as I walked downstairs.

"bye mom!" I waved, as my young brother, tony came in view. "Good morning Kate!" He said, as he walked to the bathroom. I let a giggle slip put of my mouth, and kissed my mom check. "See you later darling" she said with a wide smile. I nod, ad walked out of the door.

 Today is a perfect day. It wasn't hot, neither cold, it was just warm and cozy. I walked a few meters, till I spot Jane. Jane is my closest friend, and we are so close. "Hey Jane!" I said as I ran to her. She smiled wide, and we walked together to school. Today was first day of school after the summer vacation, so me and jade met a lot, and we are so happy to see each other again. "What's up with the happy face?" She asked, as I looked around. "Isn't today a perfect day?" 

 She exploded to fit of laughers, and I smiled. To know the fact she is laughing, made me relive for a second. But something is making me feel weird, I shrugged it off, as we entered to school. "Oh damn it, our schedules are so different" I nod, and sighed sadly. "At least you got art first. But look at meh! I got biology!" She said very madly. I giggle, and took my schedule from her. "Life is fair" I laughed and walked to my locker, she followed me, and I took out my drawing notebook.

we gave our good byes, as each of us went to a different direction. I walked in the hall, and looked around. The same people, except new chicks there and here. I walked to the art class, as I took the last seat next to the window. I would love to day dream in the class. No, no, don't take the wrong idea. I love art, but sometimes the teachers gives 'unnecessary speech'. After ten minutes, everyone came in, as I found nobody I knew here. Mr. Joey came in, as we all got in a silent moment.

"as I see, here I am again as your art teacher" his pale voice, rang around the room as thunder. He hated his job, the way he takes and talks to us, explains it. "And this year we are having a new student" oh damn it, there we go with the 'unnecessary speech'. I sighed, as I doodled in my notebook, and the teacher talks. "Miss Kate?" I looked up in embarrassment, and saw mr.joey looking at me. "Yes sir?" I asked shakily. He smiled and  a new student enters. Wow, he just looks like a model. He perfect green eyes, that matches his brown curly hair. His pink lips, woah! What are you doing Kate?! I could feel that feeling inside me, that saying I met him before..but where?!

"you will sit over there" as he pointed at the seat next to me. Can I be any luckier? All the girls gave me the stares of jealous, and one girl puts her middle finger to me. I smiled, knowing I bet them all. "I am Harry, Harry styles." my smile faded in seconds, as his eyes stared at mine, and in seconds he was next to me. "Hello" he said sweetly. "Hi" he smiles and didn't stop staring at me. That's wired. I got nervous, and in sends his gaze shifts to the teacher. Is he reading thoughts? Is he a Mage? Wait what am I saying?! This is insane, I am insane. Harry looked at me, and opened his mouth to talk." So your name is Kate?" He asked. Woah there?! I didn't tell him my name. "Umm did u know?!" I asked a bit worried for the answer, as he chucked and pointed at my notebook. "I read it" I blushed and tried to hide it, but fails. He is creepy..but why do I feel I met him somewhere? Somewhere unpleasant?!

the period ends, as I walked out of the class as fast as possible, and saw Jane. "Jane!" I said loudly as I ran to her out of breathe. "I saw the hottest boy ever, but he is creepy" she smiles, and takes about two hot guys. Why when I saw his eye..hie eye had a bit of redness. I didn't pay attention to jade as the perio second. Bell rang.

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