Difference Is Originality (Ziall/Lilo AU)

I'm bad with descriptions.........


2. Chapter Two



"Why is this so heavy?," I pant, sliding down the side of the large crate. "I mean, what could be in you that weighs so much?"


I stand, trying to find a way to open the large box in front of me. All I can find is a series of nails that are holding the lid in place. After running and retrieving a hammer from my garage, I carefully position the sharp end so that it's under the lid. Giving one strong pull, I'm able to pop the lid off and place it to the side. What I see astounds me completely.




Laying in the bottom, curled in a little ball, is a boy. He's about my age, with blonde hair, but the roots are brown. But, that's not the feature that confuses me. Protruding from his back are two white wings, speckled with brown. They shift as he fidgets, enveloping him farther in the blanket of white. I place my hands at the corners of the box, slowly ripping it apart and allowing the boy to roll onto my floor.


"What, and who, are you?," I mutter, kneeling down next to him and lifting his arm from his face.


As the light reaches his face, he pouts, his pink lips puckering out subconsciously. A slight ping hits my chest, but I shake it off. A line of print catches my eye, causing me to direct my attention to his arm. The small letters say that his name is Niall James Horan, and that he's 19-years-old. I slowly lift him onto my couch, and he looks so adorable that I snap a couple pictures before sending texts to Harry and Liam.


To: Harry; Liam

From: Zayn

Hey guys! You'll never guess what was in my box! It's a hybrid.... thingy....... (Attachment: 1 image)




I drive down the winding stretch of road that leads to my house, my eyes constantly flash to the whimpering, yes, I said whimpering, box in the backseat of my car. Whatever is inside that crate is alive, moving, and scared. After ten minutes of worrying if the creature contained behind me would burst out and attack me, my Audi rolls to a stop at my front door. Before I can even unbuckle, my phone goes off to the tune of Give Me Love.


"Gah, what is it now?," I mutter, pulling my cell out to see a picture message from Zayn.


To: Harold; Leeyum

From: DJ Malik

Hey guys! You'll never guess what was in my box! It's a hybrid.... thingy....... (Attachment: 1 image)


To:DJ Malik

From: Harold

You got a hybrid?! Those things are rare! I wonder if Liam and I got them too...........


An extremely loud whimper, accompanied by a sob and sniff, brings my attention back to the crate. I jump up and open the car door before lugging it into my living room. I hear a few thumps and mumbled exclamations of pain before all sound ceases. Not having the patience to find a crowbar, I stick my fingers in the seam and rip the box apart. spilling a figure onto the floor. a figure with long, curly hair, soft ears, and a fluffy tail. A husky hybrid, and a girl at that!


"Don't hurt me! Please!," she cries, a soft American accent flowing out of her mouth, her orange eyes flashing.


"I'm not going to hurt you........," I say cautiously.


Her eyes flash purple, and she stands slowly. Her ears perk up and her fluffy tail swishes out behind her. Her loose, starched white sweats stand out against the colorful interior of my home, and her eyes suddenly flash yellow.


"Hello! You're Harry Styles from One Direction! Your most popular song is Best Song Ever, which, if I express my opinion, is amazing! My name is Ash Major Horan! I'm 17! What's that?!," she rushes out, ending as my phone goes off.


"It's me phone......"


I pull it out, seeing another text from Zayn.


To: Harry

From: DJ Malik

Yeah! His name is Niall Horan and he's 19. Did you see the pic?


Before I can answer, Ash is peering over my shoulder and gasping.


"Niall! Where is he?! I want my brother!"


Puzzled, I pull up the picture of the winged boy and hand it to her. Her eyes get huge as they turn purple again.


"Niall!," she exclaims. "How'd you get in this box?!" Turning to me, she says, "How'd he get in this box?!" A few moments later, staring at my phone again, "How'd you FIT in the box?!"


I sigh, somehow knowing that I had a lot of explaining to do to her.




I sit on my couch, the note dropped and forgotten as I read Harry and Zayn's conversation. Zayn got a hybrid, and I can only assume Harry did too. I stare at the crate, hearing hissing and heavy breathing coming from inside of it. The front of the crate has a latch, and I'm afraid to open it. I consider sneaking away and not opening it, but a voice stops me.


"I know you're out there, so get your bum over here and let me out!," a Doncaster accent groans.


Now that it, no, he, knows I'm here, might as well get it over with. I stride over, firmly grasping the latch and sliding it open with a loud click. In seconds, the door flies open, knocking me to the ground and stealing the air from my lungs.


"Gah! Ow!," I exclaim, holding my left hand to my chest.


A sharp pain throbbed in it, because I had landed oddly on it. I look past my injury, and standing there is the most beautiful man I've ever seen. He stands quite tall, and has gorgeous brown hair and captivating blue eyes. Standing out of his hair is a pair of bright orange ears, and wrapped around his leg is an equally vibrant tail.


"Oh, gosh! I hurt you! You're hurt! Oops! I'm sorry!," he says, rushing to my side. "I'm Louis Tomlinson, 21. Do you need to call anyone? Where's your phone?"


This whole time, only two thoughts are running through my head. He's a hot hybrid, and, I have to call Simon.

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