My Vampire Love Life (COMPLETE)

Winter Luna Rose is a regular 17 year old girl who loves to have fun. And she is also very brave. But what if she figures out the secret lives of the band of her dreams? Will she fall for them or will she have to face the fact that she is one of them? But, little did the band and Winter know that she was a pureblood vampire. How will she react when she figures out?


1. Chapter One

Winter's POV

I woke up to the sound of birds chirping and the sound of the wind blowing through my open window. Then suddenly, I heard a text and I took a quick look at it. 

Text convo:

Best Friend: Hey Winter! Rise and shine bestie! XD

Me: Hey Lily! Rise and shine! XD

Lily: Wanna go to the park later? :P

Me: Kay! What time? 

Lily: 3 PM! Meet me at the park bench that we first met! XD

Me: Kay! :D

*End of convo*

I jumped out of bed and washed myself real quick. I changed into a pink and blue knee-length floral dress and white flats. 


After two hours of doing nothing, It was finally 3'o clock. I was waiting for Lily on the bench, until I got a text from her saying that she can't make it because something urgent happened. I was about to leave until a boy with blonde hair bumped into me. I fell and landed on my bum. "Oh! I'm so sorry love! I didn't mean to bump into you!" I looked up and caught yourself staring into the boy's baby blue eyes. "" I shook my head and blushed. "Are you okay?" I got up and looked down, dusting my dress. "Um...yeah. I'm fine." The boy took my arm and looked at my elbow. "No your not." I looked at my elbow and saw that it kind of got scratched from the fall. "Oh." The boy ripped off some of his shirt and wrapped it around my elbow. "There you go! All you need to do left is to wash it and put a bandage!" I blushed a deep crimson red. "Yeah. Thank" I paused, realizing who I bumped into. "NO. WAY." I felt like screaming until the "boy" covered my mouth with his hand, making me blush. "Please don't scream love." I looked at him. Niall Horan. The boy of my dreams. I nodded "Okay" and he let me go. "I can't believe it's really you." He smirked and I turned pink. "Believe it." I blushed really red as he winked at me and suddenly disappeared before my eyes. 

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