Truthfully Forever

On a scale of One to Ten (Ten being the most) how much do you love me?


1. Truthfully Forever

Now look at the stars above

Look at how they shine

Loving; smiling

Telling us stories of their existence

Telling us what forever means


Now look at the ground below

Look at how it glows

Singing; whispering

Telling us stories of love and of hope

Telling us what it really means to be truthful


Now, my friend

Just because the sun won't always shine

Doesn't mean it never will

Just because the birds won't always sing

Doesn't mean they never will



Truthfully time will flow by

Every second passing 

Like water slowly dripping out of a faucet



Forever will never come for us,

But doesn't mean it never will



Forever awaits us

In some other lifetime,

In some other town



Forever exists

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