PewDiePie fan fic

I met him at a recording thing for YouTube that my sister Olga took me to. His name is Felix.


1. Chapter 1

Felix's P.O.V.

I finished recording my scene with Jack and decided to take a look at who else was here. I saw plenty of youtubers that I recognized like Smosh, Tobuscus, and many more. I walked around a little longer until I saw a beautiful girl that I didn't recognize. She had long wavy brown hair, a grey beanie, a long sleeve purple shirt, black skinny jeans, and purple Nike tennis shoes. She was talking to Olga. I walked over to where they were standing. "Hey." I said. They looked at me. "Uh... hi?" The girl said. "Hey Felix, this is my sister Sylvia." Olga said gesturing to Sylvia. "Hi Sylvia, nice to meet you." I said putting my hand up to shake hers. "You too." She said and shook my hand. "I'm gonna go get a drink." Olga said leaving me and her sister in the room alone. "So Sylvia, do you have a YouTube account?" I asked making conversation. "Yeah my accounts called SylviaJohnsonTV." She said.

Sylvia's P.O.V.

I talked to Felix a little longer until Olga came back with her drink. Felix was really funny, too bad he had a girlfriend, or at least I think he did. Olga left us alone again because she had to go record with Jack. Felix joked a lot with me and talked. I kind of liked him but he might have a girlfriend, and even if he didn't have a girlfriend why would he like me in that way.

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