The Stars in the Sky

A Stardust fanfic about the life of a fallen star named Mauve who was adopted in Stormhold, just next to the Wall. Mauve begins to go on the run after she learns the witches have tracked her down after two years. Along the way she makes some unlikely friends and has a brilliant adventure!


1. Prologue

Mauve was a funny girl. She’d been adopted in the little village next to Wall, in a place named Stormhold, as a teen but she never seemed to fit in right. She was much smarter than the other kids, but somehow, much more naive. She didn’t understand the concepts of basic things. She didn’t obsess over boys like other girls did. She did her own thing.

Of course, as bold as it was to be just you, it didn’t really get her any friends. She was friendless, little Mauve. But she was happy. Well, most of the time. A lot of the time, she missed home. Her real home. She would often look up at the sky and wonder how hard it would be to get there. And you know why? Because Mauve was a fallen star.

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