The Afterlife Scene

Annie Seville is a total cynic. She never believed in bad luck or karma. She didn't believe in destiny or fate. And she especially didn't believe in the afterlife. So when Annie is killed in a car crash, where does her spirit take her?


1. The Cynic

Let’s just say Annie Seville was a cynic. She never believed in all the things some teens believe for example, jinxing yourself and then having to touch wood or not walking under ladders (which by the way, she had done many times).

But the one thing Annie definitely didn’t believe in was life after death. She had her reasons, I guess.

Whenever anyone mentioned words such as, I dunno, ‘reincarnation’ or ‘afterlife’ she’d put them in their place. She never thought she’d actually believe one day. But I guess this is her story...

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