Daughters of One Direction!

Well im going to make this Movell about One Directions Kids and how they get through life and how there parents cope with them getting into trouble constantly! what about the hate they get? and the interviews? what about there annoying brother? read to find out!


1. Prologue

ok im going to tell you a bit more about the story before i actually start!


basically the boys all had wifes and got married they all had children around about the same time funny story really they were all boys! ( i need a few boys names comment bellow)

three years later all the girls ( one directions wifes) had more children they were all girls but Ana ( Nialls wife) and Stefanie ( Haryys Wife) passed giving birth.

so basically its Perrie is the wife of Zayn and has 2 children ( comment below if u want to be a child)

Eleonor is the wife of Louis and they have 2 children ( comment below if u want to be thier children)

Daniell is Liams wife and they have 2 children ( comment bellow)

Harry has 2 children (comment bellow)

Niall has 2 Children ( comment if u wanna be one of them)

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