Letting Go

Your past is like a balloon; you don't want to let go of it.. Love is like the person who bought you the balloon; setting you up for the pain. And fear is the string; holding you back from letting go. Sometimes, you need to stop wondering why, loosen your grasp and let go of the balloon. Sometimes, you have to let your past be your past, and your future be your future. Sometimes, it's not as simple as that. [A batter entry for the Sppring Picture Prompt contest.]


1. Let Go

Love. Only four letters. Yet, a word so simple, can change a life. It can mend or break a heart. It makes you feel free; but then locks you in a cage of sorrow and pain. It makes you believe in it, then disappears like it never existed. Love helps us pick up the pieces of a broken heart, but then shatters it when it's tired.

Love hurts the best of us. Love hurt me.


"Regina, how could you do this to me? How? I thought we had forever together? Does forever end now? How could you?" I asked the almost lifeless body next to me. The tears wouldn't stop falling down my face. They wouldn't subside.

She was in critical condition. But, they were doing all they could. She couldn't be fixed anymore. She couldn't be cured.

"Regina, remember this, I love you. Forever and always," I told her, and started humming our song, '1 2 3 4' by: The Plain White Tee's.

Seconds later the machine started making a long 'beep' sound. I squeezed the hand that I had been holding onto-as if for dear life- for the last time. One last tear fell down my cheek, and landed on her hand.

Regina was dead. My wife was dead. The love of my life was dead.


I walked through central park for the first time in three years. It had been three years since I had last seen Regina. Since I had last heard her beautiful voice. Since I had last looked into her gorgeous eyes. I was an old man by then, and even though I was used to seeing young couples so in love, it still reminded me of Regina and me; and it still hurt. I never took off my wedding ring. Never let go of her. I know Regina would want me to. She would want me to move on with my life, I just couldn't.

As I turned around another bend, I saw a young boy admiring a pretty girl from afar. The girl was sketching something or writing something in the notebooks of hers. I looked at the young boy once more; which reminded me of why I should do this even more.

I hobbled over to the balloon stand that stood nearby, and bought ten pink balloons. Nine for the boy, and one for me. I walked towards the boy, and once I reached him, shoved the balloons in his face.

"Give them to her," I ordered. The boy finally tore his gaze away from the girl, and looked at me.

"What?" He asked.

"Give the balloons to the girl, she'll love them," I told him. He hesitantly took the balloons out of my hand.

"Why?" He questioned.

"Because I don't want anyone else to lose true love," I replied, and then walked off, with my single balloon in hand.

I couldn't believe that I was doing this. I couldn't believe that I had the guts to do this.

I sat down on the closest park bench. I grabbed a pen from my jacket pocket, and a business card from the balloon stand and started to write on it. Once I had finished, I tied the note to the balloon-along with my wedding ring- and sent it up in the air.

'I'll be there soon, Regina,' I thought before laying down on the bench, and letting death overtake me.


Dear Regina,

These past few years without you have been hell. I've missed you so much. So, as my lasting impression on this world; I changed a boys life. I gave him the courage to fall in love. And, now I'm ready. With this letter, I've sent my wedding ring, as a message to you; I'm coming to you. And, Iove you so much Regina. Promise me you'll never leave me again.

I'll be there soon, but for now, xxoo,

David, your husband.

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