The Perfectly Awkward Side

Fabian has never had a girlfriend. Actually, he's been more on the awkward side of, erm, the manliness scale. He actually quite likes it there. His books, his essay papers, the cute girl that always comes to the library with her friends...

Baylee is considered the hottest item around. She's the perfect image of a hot American teenager. Blonde, dumb, and she has the body. Sadly for all the other boys in school, she's taken by the school's biggest jerk: Andy Wilson. However, maybe their relationship isn't as society thinks it to be. Maybe the things that happen behind the scenes leave Baylee hurt, and questioning.

Find out more if you read!


1. Chapter 1: Fabian

Sitting in class was one thing. Sitting in class next to Baylee Devon was a totally different ballpark. I shifted in my seat. Immediately after doing so, my glasses slid down on my nose. Smooth, Fabs. I thought to myself.

Baylee started to apply her makeup. Even without makeup, she looked like a beauty queen. Her blonde hair was in a ponytail, off of her flawless face. It had been curled yesterday, I had had to sit on my hands to prevent myself from reaching out and bouncing one of her perfect ringlets.

"Good morning class." Mrs. Daphne walked into the classroom and slammed her books down on the table in a most obnoxious manner. The class jumped and Mrs. Daphne chuckled.

"Morning." We responded as if we were controlled by her. Well, actually, we were.

"Turn your books to page three-hundred and fifty-six." The way she so formally dictated her words annoyed me, for some odd reason. She was so precise about how she said things.

The opening of books was almost like an unusual choir. The turning of pages joined in as an instrumental. I spent most of class daydreaming. Staring at Baylee too, but I had to watch myself, Andy Wilson was in this class too. His assigned seat was in the back row, though I knew damn well that he could see everything I was doing from where he sat. Quite frankly, I didn't want a pummeling after class, so my glances at Baylee were few and far between.

It's not like I would even be able to pay attention anyways. I had read the whole textbook the first day of school, nearly sixteen weeks ago, as it was now mid-January. I caught a few words that Mrs. Daphne shouted to the class, followed by the sound of pencils scratching on notebooks. That was another thing I didn't have to do. Take notes. My brain was very advanced, so it retained nearly everything I'd ever read or heard. I could recite my essay on George Washington from third grade if I wanted to, and I'd only read that once.

"Fabian?" Mrs. Daphne was staring directly at me. "Do you know the answer to my question?"

I paused, thinking. "1941." I answered, quite confident in my response.

Mrs. Daphne frowned. "Correct."

I smiled back, and resumed doodling on my paper. The remainder of the class was just a bunch of mumbles to me. I didn't need to pay attention, I'd do fine on the test. I always did. The bell rang, and dismissed us. I watched Baylee get up gracefully and glide to the door with Andy on her heels. I watched Hanna Ries trail behind them. She always did. I got up as well, scooping my books into my bag and heading towards the door.

"Mr. Porter." Mrs. Daphne stopped me before I could leave the classroom.

I backtracked. "Yes?"

"I'd appreciate if you paid attention in my class to my lesson, rather than to Ms. Devon." She raised an eyebrow.

I turned bright red. "Yes ma'am." I left the classroom quickly after that, looking at my feet as I walked. This way, I didn't make eye contact with the football players, and they left me alone. It was a win-win.

"Hey, nerd!" I continued walking. Today apparently, my "if i can't see them, they won't hurt me" theory was failing me. Maybe if I got away fast enough, they would give up.

I felt a tug on my backpack. I was forced to stop in my tracks. Two big guys held my arms back, while one came to stand in front of me. I hung my head, humiliated. I was going to be publicly beat up. Then again, it wasn't the first time this had occurred, but there was never a time my experience got any better.

"I saw you looking at my girlfriend in History today." Andy grabbed the collar of my polo, forcing me to look up at him. "Did you hear me?" His grip became increasingly tighter, and I struggled to get loose. "I said, I saw you looking at Baylee today." He punched me in the stomach, causing his friends to drop me to the floor. I crumpled in a protective ball, much like the armadillo... See, Fabian? This is why you get beat up. I shook the educational thoughts out of my head. Why did those always happen to come at the worst times?

Andy proceeded to kick me, and I felt like I was going to throw up soon. Andy rose his foot to come down on my back, but someone jumped in front of me.

"Leave him alone." Three words that meant the world to me in this moment. I slowly rose my head.

"Don't touch him again." It was Baylee. My eyes widened in shock. What did she care?

"C'mon Bay. Lemme hit the nerd." Andy began to push her out of the way and I flinched, but Baylee stood her ground, refusing to grant him passage.

"He didn't do anything to you!" She gripped him by the shoulders, another effort to hold him back.

"What do you even care?" He snickered, taking a step towards me, enough to set me off and make me jump back a little. He laughed.

"Why do you even want to hurt him?" She looked into his eyes, but he looked down.

"Whatever." He crossed his arms over his chest. "C'mon guys. We'll just get him later." Then they left down the hallway, leaving me still on the ground. Aching. Baylee stood over me for a few moments, as the small crowd that had gathered dispersed.

As soon as the hallway was nearly empty, Baylee dropped down beside me. "Hey. You okay?"

I managed a smile. "I'm...fine."

She frowned, and I couldn't help but notice she had a scar that ran down the left side of her face. It was small, but enough proof to me that she wasn't a goddess. I felt like that little scar was a symbol. That she wasn't perfect. That she was just... normal.

"Get to the nurse." She whispered, looking around, all care for me suddenly disappearing. I noticed people starting to re-gather around us. That's why she lost all emotion. She couldn't care for a nerd. It was frowned upon.

I attempted to stand. I nodded to her, making sure she saw the pain in my eyes. Maybe I could play to her sensitive side again...

She took a step away from me. "Leave me alone, geek!" She laughed, joining the ranks of her friends that had hung behind. "Can you believe he tried to flirt with me? The nerve!" She laid her hand on her heart dramatically, gaining the sympathy of her brain-washed friends.

I hobbled down the hallway. I couldn't remember where I'd left my messenger bag, but that wasn't my main thought at the moment. My thoughts circulated around Baylee. The first time she had ever spoken to me, and it was all a lie. I was in disbelief, and I was confused. When I reached the door to the nurse's office, all of my thoughts about what had just happened fled my mind, and all that remained was my pain.

"Oh, Fabian." Miss Thompson, the nurse, ran over to me and sat me in a chair. "Andy?"

I nodded and winced as I did so.

"They really need to do something about that." She began to lay ice on my bruises. It sent chills down my spine at first, but as soon as my body became accustomed to the cold, it became very soothing. "I mean, they can preach about anti-bullying, but when I have an innocent student who comes down here nearly every day, all beat up..." Miss Thompson shook her head.

"It's fine, really." I reclined back into the chair. The cold began to numb my pain.

"It's not!" She retorted. "You've done nothing wrong, and yet--"

"In Andy's eyes, I swear my existence is a reason for him to knock me out." I chuckled slightly, but stopped immediately when pain, equivalent to a knife through my stomach, overcame my body.

The nurse shook her head. "Why haven't you gone to the principal?"

"I have," I mumbled. "but you know he won't do anything for me. He's the football coach. He always takes Andy's side."

"Well, I'll call your other teachers. You can stay here for the rest of the day." Miss Thompson smiled. "Our secret."

I nodded and closed my eyes. "Our secret." I repeated. I think I fell asleep after that, but I can't remember. I just remembered feeling safe in the nurse's office, at least for now.

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