The Archer

Pandora Ellet is an archer. She's not professional, but she is better than anyone she has ever met. She's also illegally in the restricted forest, and illegally shooting. But it's what she lives off of.
Her town, Diam, is the poorest of the four towns surrounding the shining city called Tream. The three other towns are Litally, Gossret, and Kandem. They struggle to live, but one day, things get worse when Tream announces that five teens from each town will be forced into an arena specially designed by Tream. there they will fight eachther to be one of the two winners whom will be sent back home to live as normal. The other eighteen die in the arena.


1. The Archer Chapter One

I am Pandora Ellet. I am barely alive, and thin as a needle, but, I am still Pandora Ellet. I live in the poor town of Diam and sneak into the forest and illegally shoot to live. I keep my family on my feet. My family is my father, and two little twin girls. I am 17, and the two twins, Ellie and Lealle, are 13. They are so sweet and I would die if something happened to them. 

I wake up and found myself sitting in a tree. my hunter's jacket and boots are on, and I am in the restricted forest. My bow is on my lap and I have two sheaths full of arrows criss-crossed on my back. 

The wind blows around and my hair sprays in my face as I watch a deer wonder around the ground. I quickly tie my blonde hair in a braid and climb quietly down my tree. When I reach the ground, I string my bow and aim at the deer. With one quick motion I send the arrow flying into the deer's heart, and send a second one into it's eye. 

The deer falls to the ground and I watch as it dies. I walk over to it and to pick it up with my bow still in hand. It falls. I sling my bow around my body and lug it to my berry bush, hiding it until I come back. 

Then I walk out of the thickest trees and come to my snares. I collect all the rabbits and squirrels, then I make my way to my last snare. A girl, probably about 15, is standing under my last snare. She is feeling the wire, and then she reaches her hand to the fat rabbit hanging there. "Excuse me, but that's mine." I say. I load my bow and aim it at her. She drops her small knife and stares at me in terror. 

"I- I...." She chokes out. I walk over to her and grab my rabbit. My game bag is full, so I string it on my belt. "So. What's your deal?" I ask. "Well..... um, my family, we are really poor-" "We all are." I cut her off. she nods and continues, "So I decided to come to the forest so I could get some food. I swear, I wasn't gonna steal anything, I just wanted to see." She said. "I'm Pandora. What's your name?" I ask her. "Letta." She whispers. She nods and is about to turn away and go.

"Here." I say and toss her two rabbits. "Really?" she asks. I nod. "I can easily catch more. Letta, would you like to be my hunting partner?" I ask. "Yes, I need help." Letta says desperately. I walk away and Letta follows. i finally come to m little cave. I pull out one of my extra bows and a sheath of arrows and hand it to her. "Thank you so much!" She shrieks. "Shush. And it's no problem." I say. 

We head to my berry bush and I drag the deer out. Letta helps me drag it to my cleaning station, which I use for big animals that I can't drag through Diam. I gout and cut up the deer, and I give some to Letta. as we leave the forest, I see four rabbits. I string my bow and shoot them all, hitting them in the eye each time. I stuff two into my bag and give the other two to Letta.

As we slink through the forest, towards the fence, I say, "I bet you're dreading the new competition coming up. The one with the twenty people, five from each town." I say. "Yes. I hope I'm not chosen. Oh, and I hear that they're calling it the Survival Game." Letta informs me. "Good to know." I say as we reach the fence. I sling my bow around my body and crawl thrugh the tunnel I made. 

Letta follows, and when she is out, I cover the opening with leaves. I wave to Letta and hurry home. 

When I arrive home I walk over to my dad. "Hello. I got twelve rabbits, and a deer." I inform him. "Oh, great! I'll get supper going. We'll have dandelion salad, two rabbits, and a little deer." 

I leave the kitchen and head to the small bedroom. It has three beds. One for Ellie and Lealle, one for me, and one for my dad. 

Ellie and Lealle are sitting on their bed, and they are playing a yarn game similar to cat's cradle. I deposit my bow and arrows in a bag under my bed, and I sit beside them. "When did they say the Survival Game starts again?" Ellie asks. "In exactly two days. But don't you two worry. There's 200 other teens who could be chosen. It won't be us." "I hope not. I'm worried we'll be chosen, or some of my friends." Lealle says.

After supper, we go straight to bed. We want tons of rest in case we are chosen for the Survival Game. 

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