My guitar teacher (a Niall Horan Fanfiction)

Madeline always wanted to have guitar lessons, finally she gets lessons, guess who her teacher is? And what about Madeline's stephdad?

Sorry if some of my english isn't good, i'm Dutch


1. Nice to meet you

Madeline's POV


What Madeline wears I walked down the stairs, I wanted to do this so bad. I had to ask "Richard, can i please have guitar lessons?" i asked my stephfather. "well I think I can do that, but are you shure? not that you're gonna stop after two lessons?" he asked. 'No of course not." "well, then it's oke, but you have to search for a good teacher." "okey, I can do that."


I walked outside the door to go to starbucks. once i got there, i ordered a caramel macchiato and sat down to a table. that's when i saw a verry cute looking blonde guy walked in. he ordered and looked true the room. The place was full except for the place towards my table. He walked towards my table  "hey, can i sit here? there's no place anymore" he asked with a very sexy Irish accent. "yeah shure" I said with a smile. he sat down at my table. "so, what's your name?" "Madeline" "that's a nice name, i'm Niall, nice to meet you" he was so cute and had very nice blue eyes. "nice to meet you to" I said. 


We talked a little longer our life and he told that he played guitar. "really? Can you give me lessons?" I asked. "uh, I guess i can do that"he said while he grinned a bit. "that's great!" "you have a guitar already?" "No, not yet, do you know where I can buy one?" "I have an old one, you can buy it if you want?" "yeah, thats cool!" "well, come with me, i can give it to you and you can pay at the first lesson" He stood up an helped me up, I like boys with good manners.


We walked to his house and talked a bit more. "Maybe it's a good idea to switch numbers?" he asked. "That's a good idea" we switched phones and i gave him my number. And gave him his phone back. He had typed Nialler as his name, i smiled at the name and put my phone back in my pocket. We walked for 5 minutes longer, when I saw a beautiful huge house. He opened the door and said "ma'am." I giggled. He was so funny, i walked in, the hall was already beautiful! "follow me" he said. i walked behind him up the stairs. He walked in a room, it was quite big, a king size bed, three acoustic guitars, one electric and one bass guitar. "whow, you must be a proffesional" I said. He smiled "No, not a proffesional, but i play for seven years now" "whoa, that's long!" "If you say so" he said and winked. omg, he just winked? I sat down on his bed. He picked up a guitar and walked towards me." I can give you this guitar" he said and sat down beside me. "shall i learn you a few chords?" "yeah shure" I said. "well, this is the G chord" he said and placed his fingers on the freds. and played it. "now you try it" he gave me the guitar and i placed my fingers on  the freds but it  didn't sound as the G he played. He smirked "no, like this"he sat behind me and put his face on my shoulder while he placed my fingers on the right place. "Now try" I tried again and this time it sounded better. he learned me a few more chords and wrote them down a paper.


"i'm hungry, do you want something to eat?" Niall asked after one hour of teaching. "yeah, that sounds good." we walked down the stairs and came in a huge kitchen. "so, what shall we eat?" he asked "can you make a tosti?" "yeah shure" he said. While Niall was making tosti's the doorbell rang. "Can you open it maybe?" Niall asked. "Yeah okay." i walked to the door and opened it, a curly boy stood in front of me, he had very nice green eyes. "well hello there" he said with a flirty voice "is Niall here?" he asked "yeah, come in." I said. he walked thrue the door and I closed it. I walked back to the kitchen while I heard the curly boy said "Nice girl she is." "Harry shut up man, you don't even know her." well, the boy named harry. I walked in and Harry gave me the elevator look. I feld my cheeks got red and he smirked. Niall walked to me with the tosti he made for me. "lets go to the livingroom." i sat down on a couch and began to eat. "Soo how did you guys meet?" Harry asked. "I met her in starbucks and she wanted guitar lessons, so I'm gonna give her lessons now." Niall said. "That's cool, I'm Harry by the way" "I'm Madeline" I said while looking at my feet, he made me shy, Harry was about to say something when my phone started ringning, i walked out of the livingroom and took my phone. "hello?" "Madeline where are you?!" a angry voice shouted, Richard. "I'm at a friends house, he's going to teach me how to play guitar" "whell long enough for now, you must come home now!" "OK i'll come now" "you better hurry up!' he shouted and ended the call. Whell, he was in a bad mood again. I sighed and walked over to Niall and Harry. "Sorry guys, i have to leave, my stephdad is in a bad mood." "I can drive you? I don't want you to walk over street at 8 p.m. alone." Niall said, gosh he was sweet. "Yeah that's oke" I smiled.


Nialls POV

"Yeah that's oke" Madeline smiled. she was very beautiful, different than the other girls I meet. She had long brown hair and blue eyes, just perfect. "wait, I'll pick up the guitar" I said and walked up the stairs. "Harry, is it oke if you wait 'till i'm back?" I asked. "Yeah shure." he said. I walked in the room and picked up the guitar and walked down. I opened the front door and let Madeline go through. I opened the cardoor for her and let her in and walked to the driver side. "it was fun today"she said, "Yeah, so when do you want to have the next lesson?" I asked. "what about 2 lessons in one week, Monday and Friday?" she asked. "that's oke" I said smiling at her. The rest of the drive was silent, except Madeline told me how to drive. We stopped at a small house, she got out of the car and I picked up the guitar and gave it to her. "Take a good care of it? It was my firtst guitar" I said. She smiled "I will, I promise"she said. "Whell, I'll see you in two days then." I said awkward. "Yeah, see you then" she said, giving me an hug. It gave me a weard feeling in my stomach, I'm not falling for her right? "Bye" she said, and walked to the front door. "Bye Madeline" I said and hopped in the car. 

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