Drug Dealer

Justin give up on his heart on his feelings since the first day he become a drug dealer.
since that moment when he lost the love of his life. He promised himself that he will never fall in love.
But She was innocently different in every way possible. She was that light that shine in the darkness.she was the star in his sky.
So would he change for her !?
Would he save her from his shit !?


1. Chapter 1

"Helen are you sure that you can go home alone" my only best friend Emilia asked me as I was making my way towards the club door " of course Emilia I can go" I said as I pulled my long black hair into a messy bun,and put my jacket on "are you sure that your going to be fine" she nervously asked me "yes" I simply said as I made my way through the drunken teenagers "text me when you get home" she screamed as she walked back to her friends.
Emilia was my only friend here in Canada,I had no one but her. She was the only person who can understands me,who can know what's wrong with me,she had this Ability to read me like an open book.
Since I have moved to Canada after my mum and dad had divorced and my life suddenly turned into a total shit,my mum suddenly changed,she's isn't that woman I used to know,after my dad left all she did was to drink and blame me that her and dad divorced,she simply stopped caring about me anymore,like I was a piece of shit that didn't mean anything to her anymore. And the school,well I don't have any friends but Emilia,most of the students think that I'm a total weirdo,no they also think that I'm lonelier,and that I don't have any reason to live,and that I should l basically go and die because I have nothing to live for.i wasn't that pretty girl,I wasn't that sexy,I wasn't even that rich girl,I was just an ordinary girl with long deep dark black hair and light weird blue eyes and pale skin. I was nothing special at all. I wasn't just like most girls in my school with fit body and curves I was skinny,I was just so skinny in another word I was so ugly. As I made my way out of the club I felt a shiver runs down my spine from the coldness. Simply I stared to made my way toward my house that's when suddenly stopped as i sow a shadow of two men's that were probably fighting "where's the money Bieber" one of them screamed loudly thinking that the street was empty "it's not with me" probably the Bieber one said as he looked into the other man eyes "quiet the lying kid and give me my money" the other man angrily screamed "oh really what about no" the other guy said probably the one that called Bieber.
Bieber Huh !? What a wired name. A name that I never heard about it in this same town before. Maybe he's a visitor. I thought
"Well you will have to pay the Consequences then" the angry man said,and with that he pulled a gun from his back pocket and pointed to the other guy head I think the one that called Bieber. A loudly gasp left my lips as I starred into the two guys as starred into the scene that looked like its some scene from a movie. Unfortunately my gasp was loud enough to be heard. And in less that second two pair of eyes were just looking at me angrily. without thinking in anything I started to run,run as fast as I can trying to safe my dear life.a d for a reason I just knew that from this moment my life was officially done.that this might be the last day in my life.slowly I felt my hot and warm tears started to stream down my face as I just realized what's going on,and what's going to happen to me when the two strangers caught me ,and how their going to kill me. Run Helen Run! I thought. But before I knew it I was just on the ground, urrghh how much I hated running,I was never good in this running thing I was never good in controlling my legs movement,and that's why I don't dance,and before I can make it and stand up I felt someone grabbing my arms and pulling me into the dark ally. This is the end I thought! I quickly tried to scream but the stranger hands covered my mouth pushing me against the wall "your going to pay for what you did" his harsh attractive voice said quietly, I slowly looked into the stranger eyes while tears kept streaming down my face swiftly. "Please don't" I said my voice was lower than a whisperer,but yet the stranger didn't seem to care,his eyes were cold and dark,he was surrounded with hall of darkness and coldness that there was no doubt that he cares or that he's going to forgive me. And in a less that a Minute he pulled his gun and pointed towards me,looking at me in the eye. My heart quickly skipped a beat as my life came to an end,I felt that my body gets Heavier,my legs gets weaker,my heart was beating faster that the drums. And with that I felt that my small body swiftly hit the cold ground. And everything went perfectly pitch black,and I was lost in the darkness.

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