Just a dream

This story is a dream, wanting to come true, it's valentines day and Julia is spending it alone or is she ??
Hope y'all enjoy !! (For the 1shot41D comp.)


1. Valentines day

Today is valentines day and im spending it alone at home again. Right now
my Mom and i are dropping my sisters to my school for a movie permiere thier having.
"Julia go drop off the girls" my mom said pulling up to the front of the school.
"Alright" I got off the car, with my two sister Claudia and Adela following behind me.
Today they were playing a movie premiere at our school, and I didn't want to go. We walked into the school and walked to the cafeteria; where they were playing the movie. Claudia and Adela sat down in the two empty seats available to them, I sat next to them for a little bit. They were showing a different version of Harry Potter that the students had made; I'm glad I'm not staying to watch it.
My mom came in to tell me let's go,she said good-bye to my sisters and then she walked off; I followed after she left the cafeteria. I walked out of the school and saw Harry Styles holding the door open for other students. I went up to him and asked him to take a picture with him, of course he said yes.
To Zayn I said " Can you take out picture?"
"Sure" he said.
He took my IPod and started taking pictures of us, he told us to stand next to each and hold hands.
"Now stand by that hill and I'll go down the hill and take the picture of y'all from down there" Zayn said.
"Ok" I said.
Harry looked at me and said" Please don't do or say anything about the pictures"
"It's not like I'm going to put them on Facebook or anything" I said laughing.
"Haha ok" Harry laughed.
We took pictures for about another ten minutes, Zayn must really like taking pictures.
"Thank you for the pics" I said.
"Any time love" Harry and Zayn said.
I walked off to go to my moms car, she must have waited for an hour sitting there.I walked to where she had parked, but she was no where to be found( she must have left me).
I walked back to Harry and Zayn and told them I didn't have a ride home.
"We'll you can stay here with us. When do you think your mom will come back?" Harry said.
"When the movie is over, which will be in about two hours" I replied.
"Alright, we'll how about we hang out for a bit?" Harry suggested.
"Umm ok" I replied.
We walked down the hill and talked about each other. He told me some things that he has never too anyone ( I don't know why he was telling me).
"Your probably wondering why I'm telling you this?" He asked.
"Actually I am" I said.
"Well I trust you"
"How do you know? I could be some psycho girl who is just hiding it so I could later on kidnap you or something."
"I know i can trust you because there is just something about you that doesn't feel like a psycho girl."
I looked at him and raised my eyebrow to make him more curious.
"Your not a psycho girl, are you?" He asked curiously.
Got you, hahaha.
"Maybe, maybe not its up to you to figure it out" I said with a smile.
"I can trust you, trust me" he replied, smiling back.
"Alright" I shrugged.
We continued walking around the school until the movie was over. Harry was amazing to talk to, he wasn't like most guys I've hung out with. I told him things that I would never think about telling my parents or anyone, and he's told me some more things. The sun started going down, so we sat on top of the hill to watch the sunset.
"Ahhhh!" We heard Zayn scream.
Harry and I weren't able to turn around before we were pushed down the hill. We rolled down the hill laughing like crazy, this was really fun being with them like this.
This has been the best day in my whole life, until i see my mom standing at the top at the hill yelling my name.
"Julia lets go!"
"We'll I better go Harry this was an amazing day with you" I said slowly walking away.
"I enjoyed the day to, love I wish it was longer though" he replied.
"Same here."
I walked up to the top of the hill, but stopped short when I heard my name from behind me. I turned around but was stopped by the warmth of Harry's arms.
"I don't want you to leave, please stay?" He said close to tears.
"I won't be leaving, you will. I should be telling you this" I replied.
"How 'bout you come with me?"
I looked up to my mom and back to Harry. I didn't know what to say and he knew that.
"Julia I want you to become my wife, and stay with me" he said."
"...." I was still shocked.
"I want to always know that your mine and will always be" he continued, close to tears.
I looked back to my mom, she looked irritated, I looked at Harry and replied." OF COURSE I WOULD!!!"
I gave him a hug causing us to tumble down the hill, again.

*Nine months later*

After a month of being married, I found out that I was pregnant. Harry and I were so excited to have this baby boy or girl.
It was time. Today is May 20, and the baby was coming.
"Harry we need to go.NOW!" I said, quickly running to the car.
Harry was freaking out, he got into the car and started driving off until he figured I wasn't in there.
It took us ten minutes to get to the nearest hospital. I had trouble getting out of the car so Harry helped me. We walked into the hospital and told the nurse I was in labor. She took FOREVER getting me into a room, we finally got into a room after what felt like two hours.
12:34 am and the baby was coming.

*After labor*

Our little Harold jr came out on May 20, 2:00 pm. I laid there holding my baby as Harry was standing there taking pictures of us.
This was all happening so quickly, it felt like just yesterday me and Harry meet for the first time. I still remember that day, I was only seventeen at the time and now I'm twenty. I have a wonderful husband and a baby boy. We have a lot to learn in our life and we will get through all the rough times together as a family.
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