My Vampire Boyfriend!

Angela Dela Pena is a well known highschool student because her parents are famous surgical doctors. She is 17 years old and she has a little brother who is in middle school. All her friends are very popular, but three of them like to keep life simple. Lately, the school has been having a lot of transfer students, and they all seem strange and different. What if Angela figures out that her three best friends, the transfer students, and her own little brother are bloodsucking creatures of the night? Also, what if her friends are BVB fans?


1. The Beginning!

Angela's POV

*Beep! Beep! Beep!*

I groaned as I lazily hit the snooze button on my pink and fluffy clock that look ridiculous inside an 18 year old's bedroom. All of a sudden, my door slammed open and I jumped up. "ANGELA!!! TIME TO WAKE UP!!!" I flew under my purple blanket and threw a pillow over my head. The words that I spoke were muffled as I replied to my little brother, Nathan. I said "Just one more minute!" but it sounded like "Hu wu mo miu!" under my pillow. He did a "What?!" face as I got up and yelled directly at his face. "JUST ONE MORE MINUTE!!!" I glanced at my clock. '7:30.' I fully woke up as I saw what the time was. "SHOOTZ!!! We're going to be late!" I heard Nathan yell "Bye slow-poke!" and slam the front door as I rushed on changing, brushing my teeth, and packing my bag. I ran out of the room wearing a pink shirt with blue jeans and black flats. I pony tailed my hair before leaving because I didn't feel like leaving it down. I caught up to Nathan and he laughed while holding a peice of toast in his hand. "Are you gonna eat that?" I said, pointing at the piece of toast. "Now that you mention it, I only ate grapes for breakfast. I was saving it for you, but, oh well!" He bit into it and it felt like torture as my stomach started to grumble. "Your so mean." He smiled at me. "I know right!" I glared at him the whole walk to school. Though, I hit into some street lights clumsily while glaring at him. Today just wasn't my lucky day!

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