Hidden Under The Darkness *Coming Soon*

The Three Untocuhables. The three girls in the entire town that were off limits unless you wanted to deal with Liam Payne. Teressa DeCrusise, Brenda Beton, and Delilah Gorden were the three girls claimed by Liam. No one was to flirt, date, or sleeping around with any of them. They were off limits to all the males and if nessecary all the females in the town. Two years after this rule is set people break the rules on two of the girls, but the rule stays placed on Teressa, until she finally breaks away from Liam. When she finds out what happened all those years ago, it doesn't just anger her, but disgusts her. After confronting Liam, a few days later her boyfriend Matthew appears dead, and Teressa has a pretty good clue who killed him adn she won't stop until he is brought to justice. But can she keep her own feelings in check as she starts the quest to bring him to justice?

The author has rated this movella as red, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 16.
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